Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Craiger's 6th Birthday

Happy 6th Birthday to this cute kid.  I can't believe my Craiger man is 6 years old.  He's been SO excited about his birthday for weeks now, & his little smile on his special day was precious.

For his birthday breakfast he wanted his favorite breakfast foods:

Breakfast Burritos
& a Chocolate Covered Twinkie

He was very excited about his breakfast & ate every bite.

And he was happy to get his 6 fingered picture taken with his siblings.  He loves them so much.

Craiger got so many wonderful things from his grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, & my friend Nancy.  Thank you all for the wonderful gifts you sent.  He loved them all.

Trek & I got him a new bike since the girls got one.  It's about time he had one without training wheels so we'll see how that goes.  He's pretty excited.

Since Craiger is still in elementary school, I actually got to go celebrate with him & his class.  His teacher doesn't allow birthday treats, but I did get to bring in his favorite book "The Monster At The End Of This Book" & we read it to his classmates. 

And then I got to eat lunch with him in the lunchroom at a special table just for us.  It was so special & sweet.  I brought him a lunchable & he was just so happy.  I swear that kid is what happiness is made of.

 For his birthday dinner, Craiger chose pepperoni pizza & french fries which was a totally easy dinner to make.  Yay.

He loved it.

Now we're gearing up for his big Angry Birds birthday party on Saturday.  It's going to be a BLAST.

Happy birthday my happy little snuggle man.  I love you.

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