Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mischief Managed

My very dear friend is a photographer here in Mountain View.  She offered to take pictures of our family in our Halloween costumes & they turned out amazing.  Thank you Sara.

Canyon as Dobby the House Elf

Craiger as Harry Potter

Bladen as Draco Malfoy

Taya as the bathroom ghost, Moaning Myrtle

Lorien as Hermione Granger

Cadence as the unique Luna Lovegood

Trek's brother Tuhk as Professor Snape

Trek as Professor Dumbledore

And me as Professor McGonagall

Happy Halloween.  Until next year. . . . 


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Happy Halloween

As you all know, Halloween is my favorite favorite time of year.  I work all year on making costumes for my family & we dress up as a family theme.  This year my kids finally got their dream theme:


It was a pretty easy theme.  3 of the kids already had Hogwarts robes so I didn't have to make those.  The rest I put together pretty easily.

Bladen was Draco Malfoy. . . Harry's archenemy.  Bladen has that gorgeous blond hair & I knew he'd be perfect!  I didn't have a robe for him, so I took apart the red robe Craiger had in his dress up bin & made a pattern out of it to make Bladen's.  It turned out pretty well.

Craiger was Harry Potter.  And an adorable little Harry Potter he was.  (He's had this Quidditch robe in his dress up bin for a few years now.  I'm glad we could put it to good use)

Canyon made the absolute perfect Dobby.  I threw together some old white linen fabric & tied in on the side & left it fraying since Dobby's outfit always seemed to be falling apart.  A friend of mine did the hat.  How cute is that hat?

My beautiful Lorien was Hermione.  She had the robes, white shirt, & grey skirt already so I just found her a Gryffindor tie & scarf to finish off the ensemble . . . oh!  And a wig.  Because we definitely needed Hermione hair.

And Miss Taya was classic Moaning Myrtle.  We colored her hair black, but with her glasses & the added toilet seat, she was perfect.  She also already had a Ravenclaw robe, white shirt, & skirt so we just added a Ravenclaw tie & she was set.

Cadence was beggint to be Luna Lovegood so we put together some pieces from her own wardrobe that fit Luna's eccentric clothes & bought her some Luna glasses to finish off the costume.  She looked SO beautiful.

Our church Halloween party was the Friday before Halloween so we got some fun family pics taken at the party.  I was Professor McGonagall (& that dress was the hardest pattern I've evern sewn from scratch in my entire life, but I'm VERY proud of how beautiful it turned out).  And Trek was Dumbledore.  We ended up having to buy his costume & it looked a little out of place compared to the rest of the costumes, but I just couldn't find a pattern & didn't trust myself enough to sew something that big, especially if it was going to cost me $100 in fabric.  Together, they looked good though.  We all had a lot of fun.

Halloween morning, I took some final pictures of all our costumes hanging up & lining the hallway.  It always makes me excited to see my creations all lined up.

The kids were excited to wear their costumes to school.

And yes, I was Professor McGonagall ALL DAY LONG & loved every minute of it.

Tuhk flew in Halloween morning to spend it with us (I bought him a Snape costume & wig to fit in with us.)  On our way to the airport to pick him up, I took Canyon to get a free donut at Krispy Kreme. 

Our shadows together were hilarious.  SO HARRY POTTER.

I'm SO glad Tuhk came to spend Halloween with us.  He was a perfect Snape.

We went trick or treating at the library with Canyon & all around Castro Street.  SO many people took pictures of us.  It was funny.

Then we picked up the kids from school, went & had family photos done (you'll see those gorgeous pics in the next post), & trick or treated around our neighborhood.  It was a