Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cadence's Band Trip to Disneyland

Cadence has been waiting an entire year to go to Disneyland with the Advanced Band.  We learned about the trip last year & she's been saving up faithfully since then.  Yes, we made her pay for the trip by herself.  I had to do the same when I was her age & it made me appreciate those trips SO MUCH MORE than if my parents had just given them to me.  She worked really hard babysitting & doing chores, participated in several fundraisers, & thanks to such wonderful family members, was able to raise enough money to go.

She was very excited.

The first day of her trip was driving on a bus & performing at Medieval Times.  Once they performed, they got to watch the show & eat the dinner.  She had a blast.

The other 3 days she spent at Disneyland & CA Adventure parks.  One day she got to do a clinic with the musician department of backstage Disney.  They got to play score music from 4 Disney movies while the movie played in the background.  Talk about a dream trip.  I would have LOVED to be there.

And once that was done, it was just fun & adventure in the happiest place on earth.

I'm so glad she had this experience.  She had so much fun with her friends.  We sure missed her though & were glad to have her back home again.