Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bladen & Taya's Chorus Concerts

Bladen & Taya also had chorus concerts for the end of the school year this week.  Bladen's was in the morning & Taya's was a few hours after Bladen's.

They all sang some super cute songs & waved at their parents.  It seriously was the cutest thing ever.

In between concerts, we played at the park near the school.  I noticed it was recess at the school & found Bladen & Taya playing tag with their friends.  It was fun seeing them play.

And Taya's concert was adorable too.  My dumb phone stopped taking video after her first song, but at least I got one. 

I'll post videos a little later when my tech-savy husband can show me how.  :-)

Cadence's Spring Band Concert

The same night as Lorien's string concert, was Cadence's band concert.  I swear, the schools here need to learn that some families have kids in multiple schools.  It kills me that both concerts were the same night just an hour apart from each other.  Thankfully, we did make it to Cadence's concert on time.  

She is excelling more & more on her oboe.  She auditioned for Advanced Band next year & made it, so she's getting pretty excited about that.  She is the only oboeist in her school as well.  She loves it though.

I will also add videos of her songs as soon as I figure out how to.  :-) 

Lorien's Spring String Concert

It's the end of the school year again.  How does that even happen?  It seems like yesterday we were starting school in VA & here we are 9 months later in CA.

Lorien picked up the cello for the first time only 6 months ago & I can't believe her level of amazingness right now.  I'm SO proud of her.

At her concert they played several songs, 3 of which she played really nice solos in.  I guess that is bound to happen when you're the only cellist in the school, but still she played amazing.

Stay tuned for videos of the songs.  I've got to teach myself how to upload videos here first. . . or make Trek do it.  ;-) 

Canyon's Family Birthday Party - Monsters

 So for Canyon's 3rd birthday dinner, I made him homemade chicken nuggets, tater tots, & cantaloupe.  The whole family loved this one.  (The chicken nuggets are ALL my kids' favorite dinner.)

He was pretty excited about it all.

After dinner, we let him open his presents from our friend Nancy.  Nancy is our Fairy Godmother who send the kids lots of clothes & shoes.  We love her for it.

Sure enough, Canyon got 4 pairs of new shoes, & TONS of new clothes.  He was pretty happy about it.

The next day, we had Trek's 2 sisters & his Auntie come to our house for a "real" birthday party with cake & presents.  It's been SO nice having family close for the first time in forever.

Canyon is completely obsessed with 2 things right now:
Wreck It Ralph
& Monsters Inc.

I figured Monsters would be a cute party theme, so we went with that for his cupcakes & party supplies.  He was pretty excited about it.  His favorite word is "Mike Wazowski" so it was pretty hilarious listening to him say it over & over again.

I made some monster cupcakes with eyes & horns in the Mike & Sully colors.  He told me they were 

I love watching little kids blow out candles.  He still hasn't quite figured it out & sister had to "help" him out a bit.  What a cutie.

We loved having Auntie Marc here for his special day.

Auntie Triskin & Auntie Tylee brought ALL the boys super soaker water guns.  I had a feeling I was going to be cleaning up water for days after that. . . & I was right.

They also brought Canyon an Angry Birds game.

Mamoo got Canyon a cute little laptop toy.

And Mimi & Baba got him a drill/airplane building set & a magnetic puzzle.

Auntie Cari & Uncle Justin got him a ball to bounce around outside on.

Opa & Oma got him an Avengers pillow, a hulk Infinity toy, & a Hulk poster for the boys' super hero bedroom.

Lorien bought him a Wreck-It-Ralph book with her own money.

Halfway through unwrapping presents, Tylee managed to fill up the water guns & started a huge war IN & OUTSIDE our house.  I have to admit, it was pretty epic.  By the end, Bladen had the hose, & Tylee & Trek had the waterguns.  The poor boys just watched from the sidelines as Trek & Tylee fought to the soaked death with those things.

Then we went back inside for more present opening.  Auntie Marc donated money to his college fund & brought him some candy, a minion, & a Thor toy.

Trek & I got him Wreck It Ralph Infinity toys & the movie.  Auntie Char & Uncle Jay also donated money to his college fund & Grandma K. sent the most adorable card with $10 inside.

After all the excitement, we all went out to dinner together.  Family time is the best.

Happy 3rd birthday Canyon.  We are SO happy we have you.  You complete our little family.

Canyon's Birthday Breakfast

Well, we're on round 2 of the Potter Birthdays.  After dealing with 3 kids & Trek's in February, we have Bladen & Canyon's 2 weeks apart.  So now it was Canyon's turn to feel the excitement.

I can't believe my baby baby baby is 3 years old.  Where oh where does the time go?

For his birthday breakfast, Canyon chose scrambled eggs with cheese & bacon, bananas (he eats at least 2 a day), & a birthday breakfast ding dong.  This kid could live off of scrambled eggs & bananas.

He was SO happy it was his birthday.  But he didn't want to be 3.  He decided he wanted to skip 3 & go straight to 4.  2 weeks later & I'm still trying to convince him that he's only 3.

What a cutie pie.

Happy Birthday Canyon-land.  We love you.

Being the Baby is SO Hard

Oh Canyon.

It must be hard being 2.  Espeically when mom takes the paper off your chocolate muffin so you don't eat paper.

He didn't trust me for the rest of the day.