Wednesday, March 30, 2011


While Trek's mom was here, Trek completed a project we've been meaning to complete for 9 months now. . . putting sod in our backyard. The yards here are basically a gate filled with wood chips. I swear, if I have to sweep up ONE MORE WOOD CHIP in my house I'm going to go insane!

Here's some before shots:

Trek & Bladen (& Oma) spent the entire morning raking up & bagging ALL the wood chips in the yard.

There was a grand total of 30 garbage bags FULL by the time they finished.

Then Trek went to Home Depot & bought enough sod to cover the back yard. Laying the sod was SO MUCH EASIER than pulling all that bark out.

It actually looks like a yard now!! We'll take some "after shots" as soon as it's all grown down (it takes about 3 weeks to take) & mowed. I can't wait!!!

Oma's Yummy Food

My favorite part of having Oma come visit is all the yummy food she makes. We ate like royalty while she was here!!! She made all of our favorite dinners (her recipes) as well as some new ones she's discovered recently.

I also love how she includes the kids in her cooking & baking. They LOVE to help her! For breakfast one morning they all made Trek & I some strawberry stuffed french toast with cream cheese & fresh strawberries. It was delicious.

My favorite new recipe was the hot wings she made. Not only were these the hottest things I've ever eaten in my entire life, but they were TO DIE FOR!!! Yes, they were hot, yes my nose was running, yes my eyes were burning, (I even think there was smoke coming out of my ears) but they were the best wings I've ever had & I LOVE WINGS!!!!

She also made me my favorite salad which consists of white & purple grapes, fresh raspberries, raspberry yogurt, & walnuts. YUMMY & HEALTHY!

She also taught the girls how to do chocolate dipped strawberries. They were fantastic.

I think the girls enjoyed licking the chocolate bowl more than the strawberries. . . ha ha ha. What a mess!

She also made my favorite Disneyland caramel french toast for breakfast one day. (That's what I make on Christmas morning every year. It's the BEST recipe I own!)

On top of all those goodies, we had a yummy dinner every night! Oma you truly are WONDERFUL!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Opa & Oma Come to Visit

Whenever I have a baby, Oma (Trek's mom) comes out to help out with the kiddos & to pamper me. Needless to say, I LOVE IT!!! For Craiger she got to come out for 9 days. It was WONDERFUL!!! It was spring break for the kids so she got to be with all 5 grandkids for the entire time. I think she was loving it too. There is such a special bond between a grandmother & her grandchildren. I loved watching her meet Craiger for the first time.

Opa also got to come out for 5 of the days. The kids were SO excited that he was coming that they waited on the front porch until he arrived. Once he was here, they ran up to his car to give him HUGE hugs & kisses.

Opa was very excited to meet his grandson too.

We had so much fun while they were here. Oma made the best food in the world. BLADEN loved everything she made. . . or maybe Bladen just loves food in general. ha ha ha.

The kids love Opa because he is a big tickle monster. He likes to make hamburgers & sandwiches out of the kids & then pretends to eat them as he tickles them silly.

Opa had a birthday while they were all here so Trek & I bought Opa 3 pieces of cake from our favorite bakery, Rosine's. Opa ate the black forest cake (YUM) & Trek & I shared the Reese's Peanut Butter Pie & the Brownie Cheesecake. I've eaten at least 10 different pies & cakes from that place & I have yet to find one I didn't like. THEY ARE FABULOUS!

Craiger turned 3 weeks old while Oma & Opa were here. He's getting too big too fast. I don't like that my kids grow. I wish they could stay kids forever.

Bladen has a soft spot for his Opa. He loved bringing his cars to Opa & then would drive them all over his legs & arms. Sometimes Opa is the only person that can comfort the little guy when he's sad. He sure loves his Opa.

And poor Opa got stuck playing the Hannah Montana Are You A Superstar game with the older girls. (We were cracking up at this. . . )

Bladen kept stealing Oma's glasses from her purse. That kid loves accessories: shoes, glasses, hats, watches. He had a stash going on. Oma almost left without her glasses & her watch thanks to him. Little stinker.

The last night Opa was here, he took us out to this great restaurant here called The Monterey Smokehouse. Everything on the menu is smoke cooked. It was SO good. The kids loved it because they could draw all over the table & not get in trouble.

Bladen got the biggest hot dog ever & ATE EVERY BITE of it.

Trek & I couldn't decide what to get so he got the smoked salmon & I got the smoked chicken skewers & then we shared both dishes. They were BOTH delicious!!! There is nothing like smoked meat. YUM!

Opa & Oma, thank you for a WONDERFUL week! You made my life enjoyable & restful for the last 9 days & we already miss you terribly. LOVE YOU!