Thursday, February 7, 2019

Friend of the Week

Canyon is Friend of the Week this week at his Kindergarten class.  That means I got to eat lunch with him at the special visitor table, 

And we got to make a special poster all about Canyon, 

And we got to read his favorite book to his class.

I also brought Valentine cookies to his class (but forgot to get pics).

I love my little friend of the week.  He's the sweetest thing in the whole world & I love him to death.

Taya's Music Program - Music Through The Decades

Taya had an adorable music program at her school last week.  It was about music through the years & the kids had to dress up like someone from a specific decade.  Taya chose the 1960's.  She had an adorable jumpsuit she wears all the time, & we added a flower crown, pink glasses, & a peace sign to top it off.  She looked adorable.

Here's a link to a video Trek made of some of the songs & her speaking part.

Trek took video with his new gadget/toy he got for Christmas from my dad.  It turns out, it's an amazing gadget & makes it so your videos are shaking all over the place.  It was great.

She even had a few speaking lines.

She was SO adorable.  We love you Taya.

Trek's 40th Surprise Party


Oh my goodness!  This party has been 3 months in the making.  Trek talks about his high school years all the time to me & the kids.  He has SO MANY hilarious stories about his group of buddies.  Man, they used to get in trouble, but they had fun too.  I've heard these same names over & over & over again, but didn't know anything else about them.  Trek has even shown me a few pictures from plays & show choir, but that was my extent of knowledge about them.  

Well, Trek graduated high school in Birmingham, AL.  We are currently in Montgomery, AL which is a little over an hour away from Birmingham.  I knew SOME of his buddies had to still live there.  So I began my detective work.  It consisted of contacting Trek's family to learn names, stalking his Facebook friends list, even taking his cell phone & looking for contact info.  All it took was finding ONE. . . one of the famous names I'd heard so many times & once I found him, it snowballed.

"So & so still lives here, do you have his number?"  I call that friend & he's got 2 more friend's numbers & so on.  It was AWESOME.  Pretty soon, I had contacted EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of that famous group of friends & we started planning.

6 of the friends are still close enough that they could make it to the party.  3 of them we ended up Facetiming so we could visit with them as well.  (they all lived in different states too far to drive to).  I told Trek we were taking him to Birmingham for his birthday dinner out & we pulled up to his friend's house & EVERYBODY was waiting outside with confetti cannons & all sorts of fun things.

Trek was SO surprised.  I've never seen him so excited.  These were his best friends of all time.  He hadn't seen them in years.  This was SO MUCH FUN.

They all brought their families too which was great for our kids.  All the kids got to know each other as we got to know each other.

Also, for the last 3 months, I've been contacting old friends, co-workers, church members, family members, etc. & asking them to write a small story or memory of Trek.  I compiled all these stories into a book & gave it to him for his birthday.  This gift actually made him cry.  There were messages from some very special people in Trek's life in there.  They were great to read.

But the highlight of the entire night was getting the band back together.  In high school, all of Trek's buddies were part of a band called "The Marvins."  All but 2 of them were there, so we broke out the guitars, the beat box, & we jammed for nearly 2 hours.  It was SO MUCH FUN.

If you want to watch some of the songs they did, they are super fun to watch.  Half the time they forget the words or the chords, but it was just SO MUCH FUN to have them singing together again.  Here's links to some of the songs.

After singing, we had cake & FaceTimed with Trek's 3 friends who lived in other states.  It was really nice getting them to be a part of the party even though they lived SO far away.

It really was SO MUCH FUN.  Happy 40th to my best friend.  I love you my sweetheart.