Monday, June 4, 2018

May Fun & Talent Shows

We had a lot of fun in May.  It was super crazy busy.  Here is a quick version of just SOME of the things we accomplished in May:

5 cello, oboe, & drum lessons, 2 field trips, 3 girls camp meetings & a girls camp fundraiser, 1 school fundraiser for 3 of my kids, Canyon's birthday, 3 kids in 3 plays (2 of which are the exact same night at the exact same time), 6 kids' dentist appointments, 2 orthodontist appointments (Cadence is FINALLY getting her braces off!), 2 awards banquets, 3 music concerts, 2 kids' physicals, 2 talent shows (1 involving 1 kid the other involving 3), just to name a few. Oh & we're moving across the country in less than 2 months so I've got to clean/pack/organize & get stuff ready to register 6 kids for school next year.

It's been super nuts really.  But we made it through with smiles, laughter, & happiness.  I love my family & how we just keep swimming when things get nuts.  Always an adventure right?

I love finding photos like this on my phone.
My kids love to photo bomb me.

We only had one sick kiddo this month & it
only lasted 24 hours.

Canyon & I had our last IKEA run before we move
away from IKEA.  IKEA trips always involve
meatballs & kids meals.

This kiddo snuggled me whenever I wanted it.

My girls created Sauron in their room to make
me laugh.

Canyon wanted to be just like dad.

Canyon can't wait to be in school like his brothers
& sisters.

He even put his backpack in line at the bus stop.

The 2nd to the last day of school there was a school talent show & of course all 3 of my kids at the elementary school wanted to try out for it.  All 3 were in it & they all did a great job.  Performing for people is SO scary so I'm very proud of them for getting up there in front of all their peers & playing their hearts out.

We had to take Bladen's entire drumset in the back of my van for the talent show & I thought to myself as I was stuffing it all in, "I don't think this is the last time I'll be figuring out how to fit this all in here!"  Oh boy.  My little drummer boy.

Here are links to the videos of each of the kids performing in the talent show.

Last Day of School 2018

Hooray for SUMMER!!!

School is officially out & look at these cutie pies who are already SO much older.

Lorien is now offically an 8th grader.

Cadence is now officially a Sophomore.

Bladen is officially a 4th grader.

Taya is officially a 5th grader.

And Craiger is officially a 2nd grader.

The craziest part?  Canyon will be a kindergartner in August meaning ALL 6 KIDS will be in school. What in the world am I going to do with my time during the day?
ha ha ha.  Sewing, crafts, baking, movies, music, who am I kidding?  I can't WAIT!

Opa & Oma Fun

For all the plays, we had Opa & Oma come visit.  Auntie Marc & Grandma K also came to the plays, then Saturday we met up with Tylee & Jeff (& his 2 boys), Jeff's brother, Triskin, & even Tarrish came up with her friend Marcus.

It was a FUN family filled weekend.  From naps, to showing off Trek's work, to picnics in the park.  We had a great time.

The Frog Prince (Taya & Bladen)

And less than 24 after the Gold Rush play happened, Taya was back up on stage . . . this time with Bladen in the school's production of
The Frog Prince.

Taya was Princess Dora who was cursed by the evil witch making her speak jibberish.  Together she & the frog prince save the day, break the spell, & bring happiness back to the land.

Bladen was the faithful herald to Queen Gosposh, Princess Dora's mother.  (who happened to be Taya's best friend Rachel).

I expected Taya to do well.  She loves being on stage just like her sister.  She's had her lines completely memorized since week 1 (even in jibberish), & has been waiting for this performance for 2 months.  Bladen on the other hand was scared to death of forgetting his lines & had a fear of being on stage.  I was SO proud of him.  He got up there & did a great job.  Even when his lines got skipped by other characters, he was able to remember where they were in the script & continue on.

They were ADORABLE!!