Thursday, October 30, 2014

Potter Family Halloween 2014 - Peter Pan


We really had a blast with our costumes this year.  I got really brave & made 4 of the 8, plus several accessories.  Although the costumes weren't perfect (those hemlines are horrible), they looked good for pictures & the kids (& Hook) love them.  It makes me SO happy to see my family happy.  

I was really happy with how we looked together as a group.  I thought it turned out adorable.  I love my family & their willingness to get all dolled up for Halloween every year.  Halloween is my Christmas.  I love it & I love that they love it with me.

Lorien, Bladen, & Canyon were the Darling children: Wendy, Jon, & Michael.  

Canyon's costume was the most unrecognizable.  Little Michael Darling is the baby brother in Peter Pan.  He wears pink footie pajamas & carries around his little teddy bear.  Luckily, that's about all I could get him to do anyway so it worked out perfectly.

I think Bladen's costume wound up being my very favorite of all of them.  There's just something about my shy little blondie putting on those glasses & that top hat & just getting into character.  I couldn't stop giggling.  This kid just makes me smile no matter what.

Taya made the perfect Tinkerbell.  She's adorable isn't she?  We already had the dress up dress so I didn't have to make her costume.  For her birthday her grandma gave her the wig & green shoes so I just made some poofs for the tip of her toes.

Taya loved getting into character!!!!

She especially loved getting into character with daddy.

Cadence, my little miss priss, was a perfect Tiger Lilly.  She was excited to get to have dark hair.  She loves wigs like her momma!!  ha ha ha.  She was adorable.  Hers was the one costume I did buy online.  I was running short on time & Amazon came to my rescue!!!

We had fun acting out the Smee, Hook, Tiger Lilly capture scene.  She loved being with us, but she couldn't keep a straight face.  Every time I'd look at her, she'd burst out laughing.  I guess that's what happens when mom is wearing bushy white eyebrows & sideburns.

Lorien made a beautiful Wendy Darling.  Her dress was a booger to make (remind me never to buy costume silk every again!!!), but it turned out beautiful.  She's been looking forward to this character for a whole year now.  I was happy that I could make it happen for her.

Craiger was the obvious choice as Peter Pan.  He's my little "monster" for a reason.  He's a mischievous little imp & I love him DEARLY.  This character just fit him so perfectly.  His costume was an easy make too. . . & he loved it.  In fact, I can't seem to get him to take it off.

Mine & Trek's costumes were fun too.  Mine is basically just my own clothes & I had a friend crochet the hat for me.  I glued the sideburns & eyebrows to my face. . . yes you read that right . . . GLUED.  I do NOT recommend it.  I had a really hard time getting them off & now I have red marks all over my face as well as ripped out eyebrows.  ha ha ha.  The things we do for our kids.

Trek's costume was my favorite to make.  I have never attempted something so extravagant as this coat.  It took me over a week, hours a day, to make it.  And I LOVE IT.  It turned out exactly how I wanted it & it's nice enough we can use it again & again if we need to.  Once you add the wig & hat, he's the perfect Captain Hook.

These next few pics are some of my favorites.  My friend took our pictures for us & she just wanted Craiger & Trek to play fight like Peter Pan & Captain Hook would.  Craiger had way too much fun with this.  The pure joy on his face is absolutely priceless.

It was a great year for Halloween.  I loved this theme.  I'm SO happy to be done making costumes for the year, but I'm already brainstorming what kind of magic we can plan for next Halloween.  

Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Peter Pan Costumes - Wendy

And you can't have a Peter Pan theme without Wendy.  Lorien has been talking about being Wendy for almost an entire year now.  She's been SO excited.

I made her dress from scratch & it was HARD.  That silky fabric is a pain to sew, but it turns out so soft & pretty looking.  It was my first time making something without a pattern, so of course the sleeves are TINY.  Lorien is such a good sport & can fit her itty bitty arms though, but she can't raise her hands above her waist.  ha ha ha.  I'm learning.  Next year they'll be even better because I'm learning from all my mistakes.

Lorien is the perfect Wendy though, isn't she?