Friday, June 1, 2012


The last stop on our Memorial Day adventure was good ole'

The kids could hardly contain themselves.  Craiger was completely awed by the robotic puppets.  He couldn't NOT watch them.

Bladen hates anything out of the norm. . . like talking mice the size of daddy.  He was NOT happy with the puppets & he was even worse when 
actually came out to give him a hug.  Poor kid.  He may be scarred for life.

Emery LOVED it all just like Craiger.  I love that age.  They are so fun & full of wonder & excitement.

While we waited for our pizzas we let the kids go to town with all their tokens in the play area.  The boys were having a blast riding on every car, bus, & motorcycle they could get on.

The pizza is always pretty good there.  We ate quickly so we could play some more.

But the best part of any Chuck-E-Cheese adventure is the Potter family
Skee-ball Face Off.
I always win, of course, but it's still a blast.
(I also beat Trek in basketball. . . ha ha ha)

After playing for a good hour, we tallied up all our tickets & let the kids divide them up equally to "buy" prizes.

Taya wound up with a blue airhead & a large orange ring.  She was pretty excited bout that ring.

Bladen got a plastic spider & 2 packs of Sweetarts.

Lorien got a yellow spider & some sort of plastic shooter toy.

And Cadence wound up with an orange ring like Tayas & a purple crayon.

We had a blast.  I was SO sad to have it all end.  I love our little 
Potter Family Vacations.  
I hated to say good-bye to Emmy.  She's such a cutie pie.  I'll miss her.

A Day At the Beach

After hiking to the Hollywood Sign, we drove down to Grandma Kinsfather's house in Redondo Beach for a visit.  We walked over to the beach as soon as we got there.  I love the beaches in Southern California.  They are SO WARM.  It was a gorgeous day too.

I'm really surprised at how much Craiger LOVES the sand.  He was rolling in it, throwing it, crawling through it, & even eating it. . . little stinker.

Taya really bonded with Auntie Marcene this trip.  They were having a blast splashing in the water together.  It made me really happy to see them together having so much fun.

My favorite part of the day was riding the
with Tarrish, Tylee, & Carolyn.  I haven't had that much fun in a LONG time.  Sometimes it's just fun to act like a child & scream your head off.  We were spinning SO FAST.  It was a BLAST.