Monday, February 25, 2013

Lorien's 8th Hello Kitty Birthday Party

For Lorien's 8th birthday party, she wanted to do a Hello Kitty themed sleepover.  I had almost forgotten that the 8th birthday was the "sleepover" birthday, but Lorien reminded me.  I guess she's been counting down the days for MONTHS until her 1st sleepover.

So, for the party, I made her a cute Hello Kitty cake of course.  I had fun with this one.  It was pretty easy, but still took forever.  But the end result was great.  I loved it & so did she.

Lorien was SO excited to wear her new Hello Kitty outfit Nancy gave her.  We even flipped out her hair super cute for her party.  She looked adorable.

I decorated the house in lots of pink, green, yellow, & purple.  Hello Kitty loves all colors so it was pretty colorful.  I loved all the pastels.

Lorien REALLY wanted to play some sort of party game that was Hello Kitty, so I made her a 
"Pin the bow on Hello Kitty"
game.  She thought that was funny & couldn't wait to play it with her friends.

The goody bags were Hello Kitty & were filled with Hello
Kitty goodies & trinkets.

Lorien was SO excited when her friends started arriving.  We had 3 girls from church come, & the rest were from her school class.  We had 9 girls total (plus my 5 kids. . . making 14 kids in the house at one time).  Needless to say, it was chatty, cute, & giggly.

For dinner we ordered pizza from our favorite pizza place out here & served it with Lorien's favorite fruits: grapes, strawberries, & blueberries.  The girls LOVED IT.

Silly Girls

Lorien LOVES Hawaiian pizza with Canadian
ham & pineapple.

After dinner we started our Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty game.  The girls thought the bows were hilarious & wanted to take a picture posing with them.  It turned out super cute.

We blindfolded all the girls & Trek spun them around, walked them around the house, & confused them until they had no clue where they were or what they were doing.  Then we let them loose to pin the bow on Hello Kitty.  A LOT of the girls didn't even come CLOSE to the right wall even.  It was pretty funny when they took their blindfolds off & they realized they weren't even in the right room.  I loved how much these girls giggled at everything.  They thought it was REALLY funny.

That's a LOT of Hello Kitty Bows.

After lots of Hello Kitty giggles, we moved into the living room to make rainbow bracelets.  The girls always LOVE doing crafts at parties, so this one got them nice & quiet for about 20 minutes.  They really enjoyed it & the bracelets turned out really cute.

After bracelet making we went back to the table for Hello Kitty cake & ice cream.  Lorien couldn't wait to blow out those candles & eat the bow off Hello Kitty's head.

Poor Cadence, Taya, Bladen, & Craiger.  They had to enjoy their food on the floor since we had SO MANY GIRLS come.  They didn't mind though.  Everyone was laughing & having a great time.

After cake & ice cream we opened lots of fun presents from Lorien's friends.

Haley gave Lorien a Hello Kitty messenger bag.

Giselle gave her a Hello Kitty scrapbook kit
& a HUGE thing of sidewalk chalk

Mary gave her a cute sweatshirt & a Hello
Kitty PEZ dispenser.

Brooke gave Lorien adorable Hello Kitty slippers.

Victoria gave her a scrapbook kit.

Corinne also gave her a scrapbook kit.  Lots of
fun crafts for Lorien to do.

Liberty gave her a Barnes & Noble gift card.
Lorien ended up buying a Joke Book, a cute little
novel to read about Lego Friends, & an American
Girl paper doll set with her gift card.

Lia gave Lorien a glow in the dark soccer ball.

After opening presents we watched Brave in the living room while I gave manicures to all the girls.  They loved picking out their favorite nail colors.  They also loved the glitters I put on top of the polish to make them really sparkle.  I love girly girl things like that.

After the movie, we moved everyone upstairs to get ready for bed.  (It was 10:00 by this time)  We love the toy room in this rental house.  It's HUGE & we'll miss it when we move.  It was the PERFECT space for a girly girl sleepover.  Once all the jammies were on, I gave each of the girls a diary to decorate.  They could use markers, glitter, & foam shapes to design their PERFECT diary.  They had a blast putting them together & then writing in each other's books.

After diaries, I popped some popcorn & put on Tinkerbell & the Secret of the Wings for their bedtime movie & snack.  I loved the SILENCE in the room during the movie.

After the movie I let the girls tell ghost stories until about 1:00, then I told them lights out for good.  Being a bunch of little girls, that of course didn't happen, but it's one night.  No big deal.  I think I finally heard the last noise/whisper at about 3 am.  I was going to be a ZOMBIE the next day.

I woke them all up at 7:00 am (payback for keeping me up til 3am) for breakfast.  It's amazing what a room full of girls can do to a room.  Trek & I had to laugh at what we found when the room was emptied.  That's a bunch of girls for ya.

For breakfast I made them pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, & orange juice.  They especially loved the strawberry & blueberry syrup for their pancakes.  It was fun.  I love doing breakfast for lots of people.  They loved it.

The girls all left around 9:30 am in good spirits.  They actually looked a little tired, but they were smiling so that's good.  We spent the next 4 hours CLEANING up the shredded paper, popcorn kernels, spray paint in the carpet (don't ask), & the 2 "accidents" that happened during the night.  I know it sounds awful, but they really did have a great time & made great memories together.  We only do the sleepovers for the 8th birthday so I don't mind a huge mess once for each kid.  Lorien had the time of her life & she LOVED every second of her special celebration.  I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world.

Happy Birthday Lo.  We love you.

Lorien's Birthday DInner & Presents

Lorien couldn't wait for her birthday dinner.  This kid LOVES Ramen Noodles.  It cracks me up.  All she wanted was a HUGE bowl of Ramen Noodles & a big bowl of spinach strawberry salad (at least my kids like ONE healthy thing). . .  oh & don't forget the strawberry lemonade.

After dinner we opened presents from family.  That's always my kids' favorite part.

Lorien got zebra print curtains from Mimi, Mamoo,
& Auntie Char for the 3 windows in her new
bedroom in our new house.  She can't wait to move
over there so we can put them up.
Taya saved up all her allowance money & bought Lorien
a pack of root beer float bubble gum, Lorien's favorite.

Cadence saved up her allowance money & bought
Lorien a Slushy Magic.  Now Lorien can turn
any liquid into a yummy slushy.

Grandma Kinsfather sent Lorien $10 & an adorable
princess card.

Opa & Oma bought Lorien 2 pairs of earrings for when she
gets her ears pierced next month & a cute little
froggy jewelry box.

My friend Nancy sent her an adorable Hello Kitty
outfit for her Hello Kitty birthday party.

Auntie Cari, Uncle Justin, Korbyn, & Brinley gave her a
Claire's Gift Card to buy earrings when she gets her ears

All of the brothers & sisters bought Lorien an
earring holder for all her earrings.

Trek & I bought her some roller blades.  She's been asking
for roller blades for years now & we finally felt like it was time
for her to get them.  She's SO excited she can't stand it.

Happy Birthday Sweetie.  I hope it was WONDERFUL just like you.