Thursday, October 1, 2015

Women's Conference

I was SO excited for Women's Conference this fall.  Twice a year our prophets & apostles speak to the women of the church.  All women & girls ages 8+ are invited to attend.  This was the first time that I got to go with all three of my girls.

I took them all out to dinner, just the 4 of us & then we went to an ice cream social at the church building.  We enjoyed the conference together (even if two of them fell asleep in my lap).  I cherished having my sweet angels by my side the whole night.

And you know what the best part is?  We get to do this every March & every September from here on out.  HOW SPECIAL is that?

Present Time!

Taya got a lot of fun gifts for her birthday this year.

Lorien got her a really neat 3D writing pad.
You draw on the 3D paper & put the glasses
on to see your drawing come out in 3D.

Nancy got her some boots (her favorite type
of clothing)

Nancy also got her some church shoes, dresses,
cake pans, shirts, & jeans too.

Grandma Kinsfather & Grandma Cherry both
gave her some spending money.  (She bought
some horses & an Inside Out character with her
new money.)

The boys gave Taya the game of LIFE.

Opa & Oma gave her all the inside out emotion characters.

Cadence gave Taya the Inside Out console to go
with all her new characters.  The console makes
the characters light up.

For Taya's birthday dinner she asked for homemade sweet
meatballs & funeral potatoes.  The whole family LOVES
this dinner so it was yummy.

And after dinner we did a video chat with family in UT.
Mimi & Baba gave Taya a horse & a horse shower, &
Auntie Cari & Uncle Justin gave her a horse trailer with
a few horses.

Taya had a WONDERFUL 8th birthday.  Happy birthday my sweet baby girl.

Taya's Birthday Lunch

For Taya's birthday, Trek took the day off of work & we surprised Taya at school for her lunch period.  She was SO excited to eat lunch with us.

And of course she wanted to do some selfies at the lunch table.  (I hate selfies. . . especially ones with me in them, but she loves them so I did them for her.)

And look at these monkeys.  I love them way too much.

It was a great day for the birthday girl.

Taya's 8th Birthday Breakfast

I still can't believe my baby girl is 8 years old already.

For her birthday breakfast I made giant homemade blueberry muffins, bacon, sausage, & of course the Potter Family Birthday Breakfast ding dong.

She was very happy with her special breakfast.

Canyon especially loved his ding dong.

8 years old already.  My my my how time flies.

Happy birthday little misses.  It's great to be 8!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taya's 8th Birthday Party - Bakery Theme

When Taya told me she wanted a bakery themed birthday party, I was SUPER excited.  Things have been so stressful around here with trying to get ready to move that I was hoping for an easy theme.  This was by far one of the easiest, yet one of the funnest parties I've ever done.  Yay to Taya for helping me give her the best bakery themed party ever.

We went with fun pink/green/yellow colors with lots of cupcakes all over the house.  Taya loved it.

And of course we needed a giant cupcake piñata.

And cupcake goodie bags of course.

We gave each guest a pink apron to design however they wanted . . . 

And we had TONS of mini bundt cakes, giant cupcakes, & lots of different frosting colors.  I used a different decorating tip for each frosting & taught the kids a lesson on how to use frosting tips for different effects.  Who knew they'd be THAT interested in it?

One thing Taya begged for for her bakery themed party was a chocolate fountain.  My friend Nancy made her wish come true by buying her a chocolate fountain as her birthday gift.  She was SO excited.

We dipped all sorts of fruit, cookies, graham crackers, marshmallows, & pretzels into the chocolate.  It was amazingly delicious.

When the guests started arriving, we started them off by having them design/decorate their own aprons.  I was amazed by their creativity.  They literally drew for almost 40 minutes.  I had to stop them so we could move on.  I was glad they enjoyed it so much.

Next we enjoyed the spoils of the chocolate fountain.  The kids were THRILLED to play with the dripping chocolate.  They were pretty sugared up by the time we were done with the fountain.

So, because filling up on chocolate wasn't enough, we went outside & broke the piñata full of MORE SUGAR.  ha ha ha.

Then we came inside & I taught them all how to use frosting bags & decorating tips.  They LOVED this.  It was SO MUCH FUN watching them create their own cakes.

Taya made a scary purple monster cupcake.

Bladen made a mummy cupcake with rainbow sprinkles.

Craiger & Daddy made a spikey cupcake.

Cadence took a lot of time on her cakes.  She made two very pretty floral cupcakes.

I was floored by Lorien's skills.  She is a total decorator.  She had control of the frosting & knew how to use it.  I was SO excited seeing her excited about this.  She's going to be a cake decorator someday.  I was amazed.


She made a really pretty purple floral cupcake & then she made an amazing octopus cupcake as well. They were beautiful.

Finally, it was time to eat our creations.  I laughed because most of the kids didn't want to eat anything at this point.  They were SO full of sugar that the idea of eating more made them sick.  So we mostly just stared at the beautifully decorated cakes.

Finally, it was present time.  Taya has such wonderful friends here.  We're going to miss them so much.

Lizzie gave her some Pokeman cards & a Pikachu stuffed toy.

Nathan & Sarah gave her a fort building kit.

And Molly & Katie gave her a horse trailer with play horses.

It really was a great birthday party.  I had a blast putting it together & in my opinion, it was one of the funnest parties to watch.  They kids really had a great time & that makes me so happy.

Happy 8th birthday Taya.  We love you.