Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas From Utah

And after the excitement of the Nancy Christmas, we got to open our presents from my side of the family.

It was SO fun surprising the kids with a special gift from my brother & his family.  They bought us all tickets to a San Francisco Giants game this summer (I love the idea of gifting a "family experience" rather than toys), but the best part of the gift is that 
This summer they're going to come out here & stay with us & we're all going to go to the Giants game together.  Yay for more family time & some cousin time for my kids.  I don't get to spend nearly enough time with my brother!!!!  It's going to be a blast.

Next we opened gifts from Mimi, Baba, & Mamoo.

We opened up our "Daddy Gifts" last.  Daddy gifts are special gifts my dad picks out just for us each year.  They're always really special & they usually make me cry.  This year was no exception.  I didn't get any pictures because we were FaceTime calling them as we opened them, but they were wonderful.

Dad got me a Silhouette Portrait machine (for cutting fabric, vinyl, stickers, & paper).  It's perfect for all my many crafting projects.  I'm SO excited to play with it.

And Trek got a robotic BB8 toy (yes I said TOY).  It's a mini robot that you control with your iPhone & let me tell you, I've never seen Trek so excited about something in my life.  He is in heaven with this thing.  The kids think it's pretty awesome too.

My dad always picks out the best gifts.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect Christmas.

A Very Nancy Christmas

My friend Nancy always spoils our family rotten for Christmas.  She doesn't have any family so she adopted us as her family & she gifts us every Christmas with gifts of clothes, shoes, & all the basic necessities.  We LOVE it.  She takes such good care of us.  She is seriously the very best gift giver in the entire world.  She just KNOWS what we need & picks out the most adorable versions of it.

Everybody got a big pile of presents from her this year.

The kids are set for shoes, coats, & clothes for the winter.  We are SO grateful for all the wonderful gifts she gives.

I always get spoiled the most.  There's always an "Open Me Last" gift which is always some sort of gemstone.  This year she gave me a 2 karat Morganite & diamond ring in rose gold.  It's just stunning.

Thank you Nancy for being our family's real life "Fairy Godmother!"

Present Time

The whole family woke up & arrived around 11 am.  It was officially time to open gifts.  My kids were having so much fun with the Wii that they didn't even notice we had waited several hours to open presents.  It was great.

Having the whole family together was WONDERFUL.

This year was the first year that Canyon figured out how to actually open a present.  He was having SO MUCH FUN.

Trek bought Bladen a mini drone for Christmas.  I think Trek had more fun with it than Bladen did.  ha ha ha.  I swear men are just kids at heart.

My favorite gift to "give" this season was for Cadence & Lorien.  For their "need" gifts I made them homemade cookbooks filled with all my favorite recipes.  They like to cook/bake with me so it was a really special present.  They loved them.

I also surprised Trek with a drone of his own & with a new Apple TV.  It's fun to spoil the one you love.

And Trek spoiled me.  The stinker bought me a Vitamix Blender.  I was SO surprised.  I can't wait to make smoothies every day.

It was fun to have Grandma Kinsfather there with the kids too.  My kids love her so much.  She's such a sweet lady.

Merry Christmas from the Potters!