Friday, July 18, 2014

Camp Tonsofun - Day 5

The last day of Camp Tonsofun started out with a treat.  After the kids chose their chore from the chore jar, they found this treat waiting for them.

We didn't have any other big chores to do, so we used our last day as a family fun day.  We drove up to Surry, VA to pick blueberries.  The kids LOVED it.

Canyon didn't really know what was going on.  He was just happy to be walking on his own in uncharted territory.

Then he noticed some blue "balls" hanging on the branches of the bushes.

Hmmm. . . let's try eating it.

Umm, yeah!  What is this deliciousness?  I need more NOW.

The kids had so much fun.  Canyon is now a blueberry addict.  By the end he was literally putting his entire mouth on the branch & chewing the blueberries off.  It was hilarious.  After picking our quart of blueberries, we stopped to pay for them & picked up some corn muffins & ice cream to share.  They were delicious.

The rest of the day was a free day.  We played games, put together puzzles, & just hung out.  It was Taya's dinner night & she chose beans & hot dogs with potato chips. . . I know REALLY HEALTHY right?  ha ha ha.  

We ended Camp Tonsofun by doing night games in our backyard with the entire neighborhood.  We had about 55 kids over & we had a blast.  It was a great week.

Camp Tonsofun - Day 3

Day 4 of Camp Tonsofun was another HUGE project.


My girls' closet & drawers were starting to worry me.  I thought maybe someone was going to get lost & smothered to death in the forest of clothes in there.

It took nearly four hours of sorting through, trying on, folding, & making piles to give away before we were officially done, but WOW, their stuff looks great now.  Look!  There's an actual FLOOR in the closet!  I love organization.  It makes me happy.

The boys' closet was much easier than the girls'.  Boys don't hoard nearly as many things as girls do.  We did switch up sizes for them though.  Bladen is now a size 5 & all his 4's went to Craiger who is now a 4.   Craiger is catching up to his big brother quickly & will probably pass him in height soon.  So fun.

After all was said & done, we managed to fill up 6 garbage bags of clothes for people who could use them.  It was a relief to get all that out of our house & it's always a good feeling to give to those who appreciate it.

The camp craft for the day was making homemade cheesecake.  The girls did it all by themselves & it turned out amazing.  For the activity we all sat down & watched a movie together as a family.  The kids LOVED that one.

For Craiger's dinner he chose hot dogs & watermelon.  My kids & their favorite dinners. . . not my pick for sure, but they love it & we only do this a few times a year & they always look forward to picking their special dinner.  Craiger cracks me up.  He ate 3 hot dogs & Bladen ate 4.  These boys are eating me out of house & home.

After dinner, the kiddos did their dinner chores.  They found this on the counter when they were finished.

And for dessert we all got to enjoy the girls' caramel cheesecake.  It was AWESOME.

Camp Tonsofun - Day 3

Wednesday was Day 3 of Camp Tonsofun.  Our big chore for the day was cleaning up the garage.  We got all the food storage, camp supplies, bikes, balls, & storage bins all organized.  Then the girls swept the entire thing.  It's SO nice to be able to move around in there now.

My kids are big fans of "parking spaces" for their bikes.  We use blue painters tape to make lines on the garage floor so they know where their parking place is.

After cleaning the garage, the kids did their usual chores, including practicing the piano.  I left this little surprise on the piano for them.  Bladen was the first to notice the treat for the day.

For our camp activity I took the kiddos swimming at the pool for a few hours.  It was a nice sunny day & we had a blast!!!  Although the sun always wears you out, when we got home, they were ready for our camp craft.  We painted sun catchers together & had a blast.

It was Bladen's night for dinner so he of course picked what he always picks when we do themed nights like this: Pizza & French Fries.
That kid eats a whole pizza by himself. . . he's FIVE.  Oh boy!  When he reaches the teen years we're going to be in some major trouble.

3 days down, 2 more to go.  Camp TONSOFUN!!!

Camp Tonsofun - Day 2

Day 2 of Camp Tonsofun was even better than the first.  After the kids all made their beds, I snuck in & put these marshmallow twisty treats on each of their pillows.  Craiger found these first & was SO excited to tell his siblings the treats were on their beds.

For our second day we tackled the laundry room & pantry.  The laundry room wasn't awful, but it's been needing some organization for a while now.

The girls wiped down the washer & dryer & then Lorien took charge & organized all the cleaners on the shelves.  It looked amazing when we were finished.

The pantry, on the other hand, was a disaster area.  It needed a TON of work.

Cadence took charge on this project.  All the kids helped organize shelves & clean the floor.  It looks SO AMAZING now.  I love having everything organized where I can find it easily.

For our camp craft, we made balloon faces.  It was a simple craft, but the kids loved it & had a blast making pirate & fairy faces on their balloons.

Dinner that night was Cadence's night.  She chose to eat Southwestern Pasta Salad (a favorite recipe in our house) with peaches.  It was delicious.

For our Activity we made our Camp Tonsofun 2014 Skit.  It turned out absolutely hilarious!