Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hooray for Oma

I always love it when I have a baby because I know that Oma is going to come & visit for a week.  We LOVE it when Oma comes.  She helps me tremendously & the kids LOVE doing fun things with her.  She always has her whole visit planned out with food & activities for the kids.  We couldn't wait for her to visit.

The kids all wanted to be at the airport waiting for her when she got off the plane.  I don't know who was more excited: Oma or all of them.

Oma was excited to meet & hold her newest little grandbaby.  She loved holding him & feeding him.  There's nothing like the bond between a grandma & her grandson.

And then of course there was the suitcase crammed FULL of presents & activities for the kids to do with her during the week she was here.

She brought all sorts of colored pencils, markers, crayons,
& window markers (which kept the girls occupied for hours.)

Bladen got a Star Wars shirt.

Craiger LOVED his little lizards

and Bladen loved his snakes.

Lo's Field Day

Since the end of the school year is coming quickly, all the exciting school functions are happening.  Lorien has been waiting all year long for

She's such an outdoorsy little girl she couldn't wait.  She did fantastic.  She is really fast in her races & she even fared pretty well in some of the other events.  She's a master jump roper & can throw water balloons better than all the boys her age.  She had a blast.

I think she was more excited about her field
day uniform than actually competing.
I have to admit, she was pretty cute.

Canyon's First Bath

We waited for what seemed like FOREVER to give Canyon his first official bath.  His belly button stump fell off 3 days after leaving the hospital which was GREAT, but since he's a boy we had to do the little "snip snip" on him.  At this hospital here they do it a little differently than Bladen & Craiger had theirs done.  Everybody told me how wonderful the Plastibel was so I was kind of excited to have it done a "new & improved" way.  But as is always the case in the Potter house. . . it became another adventure.  The little ring they put on his little "hoo-hah" is supposed to deaden the skin there until it falls off just like the belly button stump. . . about 3-7 days after the circumcision.  They told me it usually happened at day 5 & to watch for it in his diaper.  They also told me if we hit day 10 that there was a problem & to call them right away.

Well, we watched the days pass. . . . day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6, day 7.  Nothing was happening.  Day 8 I started to panic, but Trek told me to hold off all worry until day 10.  Well, day 10 came & went & that stupid ring was still on there as tight as it ever was.  On day 11 I called the hospital to ask them what I should do, but because it is a military facility (did I mention how much I "LOVE" military hospitals?  Grrr.) & it was the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, they decided to SHUT DOWN THE HOSPITAL & declare it a family day.  Yes, I understand family days are awesome.  I love them because Trek gets to come home too, but come on people.  You're a HOSPITAL.  People get sick, accidents happen, HELLO!?!!

I made Trek take him to an ER.  I WAS NOT waiting another 4 days for the hospital to be staffed again.  They laughed & said that YES we did the right thing bringing him to the ER & they had to surgically remove that ring off his "hoo-hah."  Poor little guy.  The hospital had put it on & by accident attached it to a part of skin they shouldn't have & the poor little guy had a huge bruise there from lack of circulation.  The ER fixed it nicely & told us we could FINALLY bathe him in 24 hours.

Canyon did NOT like that first bath.  None of my babies have enjoyed their baths really. . . not until they could sit up & splash it a bit.  Canyon was no exception.  He wanted out the second I put him in.  Oh well, at least he's cute & smells like pink baby lotion
 (the most wonderful smell in the world.)

Auntie Char sent Canyon this adorable shark towel/robe as his "welcome to the family" gift & I LOVE IT.  It's beyond cute.

So, the first bath was a bust, but he's taken several baths since then & at least now he's not screaming anymore.  He just patiently waits as I pour water all over him.  He knows he gets snuggle time afterwards so he's a good boy for me.  I love this kid.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting Too Big Too Fast

I can't believe Canyon is already a month old.  I've obviously been crazy busy, but loving every second of it.  It's funny that you forget how hard newborns are, even though I've done this 5 other times.  He IS sleeping through the night already which is GREAT, but I forget about the constant feedings throughout the day, the blowout diapers & constant clothing changes.  Plus you need some snuggle time too.  He's my last so I have to get all the snuggle time in that I can while he's still little.

He is such a good baby.  I love this little guy.  He fits into our family perfectly.  He's the final piece to our puzzle & we love him to death.

He is a good mix of both Bladen & Craiger.  When I look at
these pictures & compare them to his brother's pictures, it's
scary how alike they are.  He looks more like Bladen
than Craiger, but he sure has a lot of Craiger in him too.

Bladen absolutely ADORES Canyon.  He wants
to hold & feed him whenever possible.

How could you NOT love this face?

He looks at me like this most days.  He knows
there's chaos all around him, but he just rolls
his eyes & goes with the flow.

I could just kiss this face!
(Okay, so I DID kiss this face  What a cutie!)