Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dinner & The Nerdiest Cake Ever!

For birthday dinner, we got pizza from Trek's favorite pizza place out here: Christophs. He loves their Western Pizza with BBQ sauce, bacon, & onions. I'm not a huge pizza fan, but it's actually edible to me, so that's saying something. My girls are just like their dad: they LOVE pizza! So everyone was happy!

For Trek's cake, I made him an "Apple Logo" cake. It's probably the worst looking cake I've ever made, but it was the weirdest shape. He loved it though. We both laughed at how nerdy we are. The cake was yummy though. I put blackberry jam in the middle of the layers & that totally made it good. We all love eating cake & ice cream together as a family! Happy Birthday Sweetie! I love you!!!!!!


  1. Ahahah Love the cake, ones i almost made a pie for Ansgar with the apple logo cause he loves apple as well, but didn't work. Well done looks really cool!

  2. Dani I enjoy your blog so much, I get to see things on it that I would miss without it. I love the pictures and stories, I loved looking at Cadences birthday party and all the kids, It makes me sad that I have not even seen Bladen or got to hold him yet, I will be so glad when you are all home again.