Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hiking to the Hollywood Sign

So my entire life I've wanted to hike to the top of the 
Hollywood Sign,
but I was always told it was illegal & that you couldn't do it anymore.  Well guess what?  It's TOTALLY legal if you take the legal trail, I just had to find it.  Wahoo!

The hike is a mile & a half up & a mile & half back. . . so 3 miles total.  It was perfect.  We took along the 3 girls since they are our troopers.  The boys stayed home with Oma & Auntie Tarrish.

I've always had a love for Hollywood.  This was SO fun.

We all hiked together: Trek & I, the girls, Tylee, Carolyn & her brother Jacob, Opa, & Pete.  

The view from the top was GORGEOUS.  LA was fun to look at from up high & we discovered a GORGEOUS reservoir up on the top of the mountain that you'd never know was there unless you hiked to the top.

Once you hit the top, the sign is surrounded by a big fence to ensure it's safety (& your safety).  We were all SO proud to be up there on top of the world.

They are serious about keeping people off of the sign though.  There are cameras EVERYWHERE & I counted 2 helicopters flying around the mountain keeping their eyes on hikers.

We had SO MUCH FUN.  I'd actually like to do it again sometime.  It was a great hike, it was fun to do with the girls, & Trek & I even got some alone time on top for smooching.  It was a great day.

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