Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fun with the Weinerts

My dear friend Celeste came to visit us this last weekend.  Celeste & I were best friends when we were stationed in Germany a few years back.  In the 3 years I knew her, I was her VTer, she was my VTer, & we were VTing companions.  We've missed each other SO MUCH.  She just got stationed at Beale AFB which is about 4 hours from here.  I was SO excited when she said she wanted to come down for a weekend!

She is about to have a baby (a boy) soon so this was her last hoo-rah before that happened.  Her hubby had a TDY & school hadn't started yet for them, so Celeste & her daughter Kelsey came down for some fun.  Kelsey & Lorien were BEST FRIENDS in Germany.  

We took Kelsey to the aquarium here in Monterey to pass the time until Lorien got home from school.  My kids LOVE the aquarium here.

I think they had more fun playing with the hands-on crafts than they did looking at the fish.

They were only able to stay a few days, but we had a blast playing games, cooking, talking, & taking walks while they were here.  The girls are all pen pals & can't wait to start writing letters to each other again.

I was sad to say goodbye again.  We're moving soon so this will be the last chance I'll see Celeste for a while at least.  We're going to plan a fun girls' trip in the future when our other friend Chanda makes it back from Germany. . . she just got stationed there for a 2nd time!!  (SO JEALOUS)

Love you Celeste.  Thank you for such a WONDERFUL WEEKEND.

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