Friday, November 30, 2012

Bonfire on the Beach

After Trek's Graduation, we all went out to lunch as a family to celebrate.  I'm going to miss all the fabulous Mexican food in Seaside.  They really had the best on the planet.

Later that evening, we took the family to our favorite beach (Carmel Beach overlooking Pebble Beach Golf Course) to celebrate BONFIRE STYLE.  It was SO FUN just relaxing in the sunshine with the sand between our toes & the salty sea air penetrating our senses.  I'm going to miss that ocean.  Monterey has been good to us.

We roasted hot dogs & ate smores until we thought we'd explode.


It was around the campfire that we broke the news to the family that we are indeed expecting Potter baby #6 in May.  Everybody laughed because Talon & Carolyn are expecting their 2nd girl in May as well.  The race is on!

Seaside, Monterey, & Carmel. . . we will miss you & your beautiful landscapes & crashing ocean waves.

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