Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lorien's Birthday Dinner & Family Party

For Lorien's special birthday dinner she chose her favorite things:
Pepperjack Chicken Enchiladas,
Spinach Strawberry Salad,
& Apples.

I love it when it's Lorien's birthday because I always LOVE the foods she picks.  This is one of my favorite dinners too.  We had her birthday dinner the night before her birthday party.  She loved it.

After her actual birthday party, we opened presents from family.  Lorien got some really fun things.

Nancy got her some new clothes, a journal,
a Hogwarts backpack, & some chapstick.

Cadence used her allowance money to buy Lorien a
Harry Potter piano book.  It was such a thoughtful gift
because it was a book at Lorien's piano level.  She's having
a blast with it.  (I think Cadence is enjoying playing it as well)

Uncle Justin & Auntie Cari sent some new karaoke
CD's for her karaoke machine.  She was
THRILLED.  We love the Phineas & Ferb CD.
Those songs are hilarious.

Mimi & Baba sent a really fun lego set as well
as a princess karakoke CD.

Opa & Oma sent some Hogwarts socks, a microphone
for her karaoke machine (so she can sing with friends)
& 2 CD's (broadway songs & popular music).

The brothers & sisters bought her CLUE. . . one of my favorite
games.  We are having a BLAST playing together as a family.

And this little guy just has to be the center of every pic we take.
What a cutie.

And Trek & I got her the new Ariel Castle lego set
she's been wanting.

Happy birthday little Lorien.  We love you SO much.

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