Friday, April 17, 2015

Easter 2015

The kids must have been good this year because the Easter Bunny came & brought them baskets of goodies.

Cadence's Basket

Lorien's Basket

Taya's Basket

Bladen's Basket

Craiger's Basket

Canyon's Basket

Taya gets a stuffed animal every year in her Easter basket.  The Easter Bunny knows her very well & knows she loves to snuggle with new little friends each Easter.  This year she got Lambie from Doc McStuffins.  She was thrilled.

Canyon couldn't care less what was in his basket.  He saw one Reese's Peanut Butter Egg & he was good for the rest of the day. . . snacking on candy.  

Craiger was pretty excited about his entire basket.  Although I think his favorite thing was his Ninja Turtle cup.

Bladen got a kick out of his Storm Trooper chocolate easter bunny.

Cadence got her own planner in her basket.  Cadence is definitely my daughter when it comes to organization.  I remember getting excited as a kid when I got planners too.  SO funny.

Lorien was happy to see a SOCCER chocolate bunny in her basket.  The Easter Bunny must know she plays soccer.

Taya was happy about everything in her basket.

After opening our baskets & eating breakfast (LOTS OF EGGS), we did our annual Potter Family Easter Egg Hunt.  Oma started the egg hunt tradition forever ago, but my kids love it.  Since we couldn't be in CA with our family this year, I decided to carry on the tradition & put together a family egg hunt on my own.  I even put dollar bills in the eggs just like Oma does.  The kids loved it.

I think there were about 250 eggs total.  Only 25 had money in them, & the rest had small toys or candy.  The kids had a blast seeing who get get the most eggs.

Cadence was more focused on finding which eggs had money in them.

Bladen found the giant egg in the playset.  He yelled & told us to 
"Come Look Right Now!"

Inside there was a real bird's nest & one little blue egg inside.  SO FUN.

We've been watching the nest all week.  The mom is continuously sitting in it at this point, but we know that there are four eggs now & they should be hatching any day.  As soon as they do we'll be sure to take some pictures.  

Easter was wonderful.

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