Monday, September 28, 2015

Back To School

It's that time again.  Back to School.  The kids are THRILLED to be back in school again.  Summer is fun, but after 2.5 months, they get really bored & are eager to get back on a routine & learn again.

This year at Meet the Teacher night, we were thrilled with every single teacher our kids got this year. . . even if we're only going to be here for 2 months.

Cadence starts middle school this year.  I still can't believe I have a middle schooler.  She has LOTS of teachers & she loves it.  She has English & History in the morning, then lunch, then Math, Science, Music/PE.  She is loving every second of it.

Lorien is still at Westside Elementary (for 4th, 5th, & 6th graders) & she got the teacher she was hoping for:  Mr. Bailey.  She's the first of all our kids to get a male teacher & she just loves being in his class.  Lorien tends to get the super strict, no parties, no fun teachers so we were thrilled at this news.  Mr. Bailey is wonderful.  He has a fun way of teaching hard skills so they stick & he is full of treats, parties, & fun learning.

Bladen was thrilled to find out he got Taya's teacher from last year, Mrs. Lenz.  We LOVED Mrs. Lenz last year & are SO happy he has her this year.  She got Taya reading at a 5th grade reading level by the end of 1st grade last year & already in just a month, she's got Bladen up to a 2nd grade reading level.  She's the most amazing teacher my kids' have ever had.

Taya got Lorien's old teacher, Mrs. Operaji.  Lorien had Mrs. O. when we moved here 3 years ago & we loved her so we were thrilled to find out Taya got her this year.  She was very sad to learn that we are moving November 1st.

Mrs. O. still has a picture of Lorien on her classroom wall.  She was happy to have Lo visit her on Meet the Teacher Night.

The first day of school went wonderfully.  We have 4 kids going to 3 different schools this year so our mornings are a little bit on the crazy side.  Cadence leaves first at 6:40 am to make it to the middle school on time.  Her school starts at 7:30.

Lorien leaves 2nd.  Her bus comes at 7:45.  She was SO excited.

Taya & Bladen leave for school at 8:15.  They are still together at Carrollton Elementary.  I'm glad they have each other.

Happy 2015-2016 School Year.  We are excited to see what the new year brings both here in VA & in CA.  My kids are ready for the adventure.

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