Thursday, October 1, 2015

Present Time!

Taya got a lot of fun gifts for her birthday this year.

Lorien got her a really neat 3D writing pad.
You draw on the 3D paper & put the glasses
on to see your drawing come out in 3D.

Nancy got her some boots (her favorite type
of clothing)

Nancy also got her some church shoes, dresses,
cake pans, shirts, & jeans too.

Grandma Kinsfather & Grandma Cherry both
gave her some spending money.  (She bought
some horses & an Inside Out character with her
new money.)

The boys gave Taya the game of LIFE.

Opa & Oma gave her all the inside out emotion characters.

Cadence gave Taya the Inside Out console to go
with all her new characters.  The console makes
the characters light up.

For Taya's birthday dinner she asked for homemade sweet
meatballs & funeral potatoes.  The whole family LOVES
this dinner so it was yummy.

And after dinner we did a video chat with family in UT.
Mimi & Baba gave Taya a horse & a horse shower, &
Auntie Cari & Uncle Justin gave her a horse trailer with
a few horses.

Taya had a WONDERFUL 8th birthday.  Happy birthday my sweet baby girl.

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