Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Father's Day

The day after Girls Camp was Father's Day.  I tried really hard to get everything I needed to do for trek before I left for girls camp so that when I got home, I could give him a great Father's Day.

Unfortunately, Trek wound up with strep throat for his special day.  He had to stay in bed with a fever all day long, the poor guy.

But we still tried to spoil him the best we could.

At breakfast we gave him presents & cards.

And made him his favorite breakfast. . . bacon & biscuits & gravy.  He wound up drinking the gravy down, but couldn't swallow anything else because his poor throat hurt so bad.

But even though he didn't feel well, he was all smiles.  He's such a good dad.

By dinner time, the antibiotics had started doing their magic & he was able to eat his dinner.  I made him a spinach strawberry salad & mock chicken.  He LOVES mock chicken.

And my dear friend Luti, made the most beautiful lei for him for Father's Day.  It really was amazing.  He wore it all day long.  He loved it.

Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world.  We love you Trek.

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