Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Craiger's School Birthday Celebration

I absolutely adore Craiger's 1st grade teacher.  She's adorable & I just love how much she cares about each of the kids in her class.

For his birthday, she dedicated an entire Friday afternoon to Craiger for his birthday.  I brought some SPACE goody bags for all the kids in his class.  First the class sang to Craiger.  He got to choose 7 friends to stand up at the front of the class with him while they sang to him.  They were his 7 candles.  After the Happy Birthday song, he got to "blow them out."  It was darling.  As he blew each friend, they fell like a candle being blown out.

After the song, we handed out the special bags to the whole class.  Each bag had a space sticker, a galaxy sticker scene each kid could build on their own, a glow stick, & a space rock candy sucker.

Once everyone got settled with their bags, his teacher let Craiger plan out the last hour of the day.  They played board games, danced with their favorite online learning games, & drew pictures.  He felt SO special being able to choose what activities they got to do.  And the kids had a blast too.

Happy birthday little guy.  You're the best.

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