Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well, this entire week I tried an experiment with my family. I decided to do a "summer camp" with them the week after school got out that would not only get the "family" ready for summer, but the house as well. So at Family Home Evening we sat down & the girls came up with a name for our camp: "Camp Tonsofun!" We dedicated a full week to spring cleaning in fun ways.

I gave each of them a string & for every chore they completed they got to put a bead on their necklace. At the end of the week, they had full necklaces.

I planned the week out so that we had one big cleaning "project" to complete each day (painting the walls, cleaning the "haunted house" aka under the stairs, clutter scavenger hunt, etc.)

I also set up routines with each of the girls & they made charts for themselves so they know what needs to get done each morning when they get up & each night before they go to bed.

We mixed it up a little by making our beds blindfolded & cleaning the toyroom with our legs tied together.

We did a camp craft each day as well to break up the "work." And then each night for dinner we spotlighted one member of the family. I made that member their favorite dinner & we each told that person what we loved most about them as we ate dinner together. Each night we did a fun activity together after dinner (made up a skit, played video games, played kick the can, went to a movie, etc.).

And then on Saturday we had our field day full of fun competitions (bubble blowing, hula hooping, water balloon volleyball, keep away, etc.) followed by awards.

It was SO MUCH FUN....I mean, "TONSOFUN!!" and we'll now make it a family tradition.

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