Friday, June 19, 2009

Where do I begin?

So, hi!!! And welcome to my "krazy kingdom", also known as my crazy life with four crazy children & my wonderful husband who I sometimes count as one of the kids. Let me introduce you to my royal subjects...

First, there's me. I go by several names: Dani, honey, Mrs. Potter, Sister Potter, but more commonly...MOM, Mommy, Ma (pronounced m--a [a as in apple]), or as my oldest calls me: THE EVIL QUEEN that ruins EVERYTHING!

Next we have the King of our Kingdom...Trek. He's been my Knight in Shining Armor for almost 8 years now. He goes by several names as well: Trek, Trekkie, Buddy, Lt. Potter (military man), but most commonly...Dad, Daddy, & Ma (also pronounced m--a [a as in apple]). But for some reason, he doesn't get the whole "evil" vibe from the kids. He's perfect in every way
according to them (well, to me too). He's very good at "being" like a kid when the kids are around which is why I sometimes consider him one of the kids. He keeps me young!

Now we'll move on to the kids. Princess #1 is named Cadence. She also goes by a few nicknames..."The Boof" from daddy & "Angel Girl" from me. She is currently 6 years old going on 18. All I can say is she's going to be trouble when those precious teenage years creep in. Th boys already love her. She is a neat freak & has to have everything perfect in every way. She's smart as a whip & you have to be careful because she catches on to things MUCH TOO WELL for a girl of her age.

Princess #2 is named Lorien. Where have you heard that name before? Yes, we named our child after the Elven forest in Lord of the Rings. But the word Lorien in Elvish means "perfection" & "beauty." She also answers to "The Bug" from daddy & "Baby Doll" from me. She is 4 years old & acts 4 years old. (Thank heavens) She's our little clutzy girl & is always walking into doors, walls, & trees. But she really truly enjoys life. Everything is about having fun to her. If somebody asked her to jump off a bridge she would ask "Is it fun?" rather than "Is it safe?" (typical Cadence questioning) and BAM, she'd be in the water....probably after hitting her head on something in the process.

Princess #3 (yes we have 3 little princesses in our kingdom) is Taya. She answers to "The Squick" from daddy & "Princess" from me. She will be 2 the end of September & she is going to be the death of me. Talk about terrible 2's! This kid knows how to push my every button. From throwing poop down the stairs to emptying 5 gallons of water on my kitchen floor in 1 minute flat...she keeps me on my toes. HOWEVER, for being a little terror, she has got to be the cutest little thing you've ever seen! She has this cherub face that you could just kiss over & over again.

And finally, we have our little prince....although at this point he's more like a dragon spitting milk (instead of fire) all over everything he comes in contact with. Bladen is almost 2 months old! He has no nicknames yet (we do call him "little man" because he does indeed look like a little old man), but it usually takes a year for a good one to develop entirely. I can't tell you much about him yet...because I don't know much yet. He poops & he cries & he cries & he poops. And we love him more than anything.

So there you have it! Welcome to our KRAZY KINGDOM!

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