Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bladen's 1st Father-Son Campout

So Trek took his son to their very first father-son campout this weekend. Trek was determined to be there with Bladen rain or shine. I was VERY worried when he first mentioned it. . . but when I read that the forecast was to be sunny & warm, I let him go.

It was a father-son campout for the entire stake & it was in one of our favorite castles to visit: Mandersheid. The Mandersheid ruins are 2 castles that were pretty much destroyed at some point or another that are right next to each other. We like to go there to go hiking because there's some great trails between the 2 castles. The Stake got permission for everyone to actually set up tent INSIDE the lower castle. How cool is that? Not only did Bladen get to go camping, but his first camping trip was INSIDE a castle!!!

Trek took Bladen everywhere with him. He took him to the top of the tower of the castle, to the fireside, hiking, to the campfire, etc. They had a blast together!

Trek said it was a cold night. Bladen slept in a sleeping back with Trek so Trek didn't get a whole lot of sleep. Bladen woke up right at 5:00 am (of course) ready to rock & roll, so poor Trek had to get up & play at the crack of dawn. But they had fun.

It was the first of MANY father-son campouts. Trek's already looking forward to taking Bladen camping again soon! (Maybe this time the girls & I can tag along!)


  1. How sweet, Trek you are an awesome Dad, my grand children are so lucky to have you as there Dad, They made a good choice when they chose you, and so Dani. I love you.

  2. Justin and I were dying over these pictures! How fun! We are so glad Trek has an adorable son to take with him!!!