Monday, May 24, 2010

Trouble Has A New Name!

I tell you, between Bladen & Taya, I'm going to go nuts! They are both so stinkin' cute, but SO curious & independent. Today Bladen swallowed 1/4 of a yellow crayon while we were cleaning up Taya's crayon disaster. Then Lorien (dear sweet Lorien) accidentally "didn't make it" to the toilet on time. In the 5 minutes it took me to clean & sanatize Lorien, her clothes, the bathroom rugs, & the floor, Taya had somehow climbed up onto the top of the sink, grabbed a brand new bottle of baby shampoo, & gave herself, her clothes, & the entire bathroom a soap bath. I about died when I saw it. So then I cleaned that mess up only to find Bladen in this position. . .

He can pull himself up to standing now & he managed to pull himself up on our water tank. It didn't take him very long to figure out that when you pushed the blue thing, water came out. Now it's his new favorite game & Mommy has one more thing to clean up at the end of the day. I love my job!!! (I really do. These little moments won't last forever, so I have to cherish them while I can, even if it means TONS of work on my part. I love these little monsters.)


  1. Dani you are so smart to record all these special moments in there little lives, and I am glad you are a patient mom because like you say they wont last forever, they grow up so soon and the little cute things they do are gone forever.

  2. How cute:) Love him!