Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Swimming Lessons

Summer means ONE THING in our house:
My kids have a love/hate relationship with the whole concept of swimming. They LOVE it, but they HATE it. My goal for this summer was to take away the whole "hate" side of swimming for them. They used to love to swim when we lived in UT, but when we got stationed in Germany everything kind of went downhill. We weren't near any swimming pools & the ones we could drive to cost an arm & a leg to get in. So what happened? My girls developed an unhealthy FEAR OF WATER.

So here in CA, they were bound to have some sort of swim lessons somewhere & I found a GREAT place in Seaside that offered GREAT lessons for a reasonable price. I put my 4 oldest kiddos in their classes.

Bladen & Taya are in the mommy/me class
(but Trek takes them & I watch the rest of the kids).
Taya is in it right now for a month & Bladen will start next month for a whole month. Taya is still a little clingy in the water, but she's not afraid to get her face wet anymore which is a HUGE improvement for her. She's really enjoying it.

Cadence & Lorien were my main concern. They wouldn't go ANYWHERE NEAR a pool. They were terrified of getting their faces wet & refused to go under the water. I really want my kids to be able to save themselves if something happened where they would need to. It's all about being prepared & I was worried there was NO HOPE for them to learn. I must say, these swim teachers are AMAZING. After just 2 weeks (Mon-Fri) for 30 minutes a day,
I'm not just saying that either. They could save themselves if they needed to. Not only CAN they swim now, but they are AMAZING! I can't believe what they can do in the water now. And the best part? THEY LOVE IT.
I am SO happy with this swim program. Now we just need to keep them in so they don't forget it.

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