Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fall Festival

Everyone loves a GOOD CARNIVAL right?

Every year the kids' school puts on a fall festival to raise money for school programs, field trips, etc. Our school is extremely poor so I try to support these programs whole-heartedly whenever they come up. This year's carnival was FANTASTIC. We had a blast!

"My Museum" was there with several kids' discovery stations. This was the "FREE" portion of the carnival & it was the funnest of all. There was a table with blocks to make kaleidoscopes, drawing paper to draw on, legos, moon sand, water & more . . . it was really fun.

I bought $20 worth of tickets a week in advance & so we had TONS of tickets to use. We used most of our tickets to eat dinner. They had pizza, hot dogs, nachos, pickles, drinks, cotton candy, snow cones, basically the best carnival foods. It was great.

After dinner, we started waiting in line for the carnival games. They had a fishing booth, ring toss, bean bag toss, cake walk, plink, & all sorts of other fun games. Cadence won a huge pan of cupcakes on her first try at the cakewalk (which she shared with the whole family), & Bladen kept winning on the duck pond race. Their favorite game was PLINKO. Not because it was fun, but because it paid out the most tickets for prizes. My girls are getting smart. My younger kids were in it to play & have fun, but my older girls were in it to win it & get the BEST PRIZE. Stinkers.

Once they won their prize tickets, they got to redeem them for prizes at the prize booth. They were REALLY sweet & combined them all & split them evenly between all the kids. They got Bladen a football, Taya & Lorien punch balloons, & Cadence an inflatable guitar. They were all thrilled with their prizes. We had a fun time as a family!

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