Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Journey to Bethlehem

Saturday night was our church Christmas party. They did a spectacular presentation about the Journey to Bethlehem. Everybody dressed up like members of Bethlehem & we had a wonderful ham dinner together. After dinner there was a program where we moved from room to room in the church. 2-3 teenagers were in each room dressed up like a members of the nativity. There was a room with the shepherds, one with angels, the 3 wise men, King Harrod & his soldiers, etc. We sang Christmas Hymns in each room & they each told us "their story" of meeting the Christ child. Then they each gave us a gift to remember their story (chocolate coin for the wise men, a candy cane for the shepherds, etc.) It was a very spiritual experience. I think my kids loved it. We had a blast dressing up for the occasion as well.

Thank you to all who were involved. It was a WONDERFUL evening.

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