Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ward Bonfire on the Beach

One tradition that I have loved here in Monterey is the annual Ward Bonfire that the EQ puts on every year.  September/October is Monterey's "summer" so it's the perfect time for a night at the beach.  Trek started the bonfire 3 summers ago when he was put in the EQ presidency & now the entire ward looks forward to this ONE NIGHT a year we can come & just PLAY.

This year was no exception.  We always go to Carmel Beach (right by Pebble Beach Golf Course) because it's the most beautiful beach in the area.  We set up a big bonfire & ward members come with their friends & family & we cook, eat, play, & chat.  It's the best activity ever.

This year we roasted hot dogs over the open fire & we added Reese's S'mores to the menu as well as provided the classic S'mores for those who like the original.  They were FABULOUS.

We had a blast & hope everyone else did too.  We're going to miss this area & this ward.  Every September I'll be thinking of Seaside 1st Ward & their amazing Bonfires at the Beach.

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