Thursday, May 9, 2013

Carrollton Elementary Art Show

Lorien was SO excited to have some of her artwork selected for the Carrollton Elementary Art Show this year.  She loves art (especially painting) & was thrilled to get to take the whole family to the show.  

The theme was
"Once Upon A Time"
so we all got to dress up as our favorite story book characters as we walked the halls & admired the artwork.

Lorien's camouflage owl made it to the county art
show as well.  She was VERY proud of it.

We all had a blast dressing up.  Taya was Snow White, Cadence was a pioneer American Girl, Blade was Iron Man (of course), Lo was Rapunzel, & Craiger was Captain America.

We had a blast.  Good job Lo!  Love you.

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