Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fun Times

I thought I should post a few pics of the kiddos BEFORE Canyon made his appearance.  They all grow up way too fast.  I don't want to miss a single moment of it.

Craiger's favorite part of the day is bus stop time.  He loves walking with me & Lorien to the bus stop so he can meet his friends.  For some reason, we can't go without him coming home covered in dirt, mud, bugs, & smells.  I don't know what he does because he stays by me for the most part, but for some reason mud magnetizes to him.  But he sure is cute.

Another thing I'm learning about having boys is that EVERYTHING is a gun.  (even Barbies)  They find anything they can get their hands on & magically transform them into guns.  They love the curtain pull-backs. . . the newest guns in their collections.

The weekend before Canyon was born, I took my 3 little ones to the mall for some shopping & playing fun.  It was our last weekend before the craziness of a newborn hit & we had a blast together.  I bought all three of them some COOL sunglasses & I bought the boys some hats for the summer.  Because they are so incredibly blonde, I constantly have to keep hats on them to keep them from frying in the sunshine.  They looked SO COOL.

I LOVE the fedora look on Bladen.  He is just
the cutest little stud ever.

Our neighbors gave Bladen & Craiger their old Lightning McQueen power wheels toy since their son had grown out of it.  Bladen thinks it is the best thing that ever happened to him.  I can't believe how amazing he is at driving that thing.  He can reverse, go forward, turn around, avoid obstacles, etc.  He's going to be a fantastic driver someday like his dad.  And I love how adorable he looks in it, especially with his fedora on.

I sure do love these kids of mine.

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