Thursday, June 27, 2013

Canyon's First Bath

We waited for what seemed like FOREVER to give Canyon his first official bath.  His belly button stump fell off 3 days after leaving the hospital which was GREAT, but since he's a boy we had to do the little "snip snip" on him.  At this hospital here they do it a little differently than Bladen & Craiger had theirs done.  Everybody told me how wonderful the Plastibel was so I was kind of excited to have it done a "new & improved" way.  But as is always the case in the Potter house. . . it became another adventure.  The little ring they put on his little "hoo-hah" is supposed to deaden the skin there until it falls off just like the belly button stump. . . about 3-7 days after the circumcision.  They told me it usually happened at day 5 & to watch for it in his diaper.  They also told me if we hit day 10 that there was a problem & to call them right away.

Well, we watched the days pass. . . . day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6, day 7.  Nothing was happening.  Day 8 I started to panic, but Trek told me to hold off all worry until day 10.  Well, day 10 came & went & that stupid ring was still on there as tight as it ever was.  On day 11 I called the hospital to ask them what I should do, but because it is a military facility (did I mention how much I "LOVE" military hospitals?  Grrr.) & it was the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, they decided to SHUT DOWN THE HOSPITAL & declare it a family day.  Yes, I understand family days are awesome.  I love them because Trek gets to come home too, but come on people.  You're a HOSPITAL.  People get sick, accidents happen, HELLO!?!!

I made Trek take him to an ER.  I WAS NOT waiting another 4 days for the hospital to be staffed again.  They laughed & said that YES we did the right thing bringing him to the ER & they had to surgically remove that ring off his "hoo-hah."  Poor little guy.  The hospital had put it on & by accident attached it to a part of skin they shouldn't have & the poor little guy had a huge bruise there from lack of circulation.  The ER fixed it nicely & told us we could FINALLY bathe him in 24 hours.

Canyon did NOT like that first bath.  None of my babies have enjoyed their baths really. . . not until they could sit up & splash it a bit.  Canyon was no exception.  He wanted out the second I put him in.  Oh well, at least he's cute & smells like pink baby lotion
 (the most wonderful smell in the world.)

Auntie Char sent Canyon this adorable shark towel/robe as his "welcome to the family" gift & I LOVE IT.  It's beyond cute.

So, the first bath was a bust, but he's taken several baths since then & at least now he's not screaming anymore.  He just patiently waits as I pour water all over him.  He knows he gets snuggle time afterwards so he's a good boy for me.  I love this kid.

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