Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting Too Big Too Fast

I can't believe Canyon is already a month old.  I've obviously been crazy busy, but loving every second of it.  It's funny that you forget how hard newborns are, even though I've done this 5 other times.  He IS sleeping through the night already which is GREAT, but I forget about the constant feedings throughout the day, the blowout diapers & constant clothing changes.  Plus you need some snuggle time too.  He's my last so I have to get all the snuggle time in that I can while he's still little.

He is such a good baby.  I love this little guy.  He fits into our family perfectly.  He's the final piece to our puzzle & we love him to death.

He is a good mix of both Bladen & Craiger.  When I look at
these pictures & compare them to his brother's pictures, it's
scary how alike they are.  He looks more like Bladen
than Craiger, but he sure has a lot of Craiger in him too.

Bladen absolutely ADORES Canyon.  He wants
to hold & feed him whenever possible.

How could you NOT love this face?

He looks at me like this most days.  He knows
there's chaos all around him, but he just rolls
his eyes & goes with the flow.

I could just kiss this face!
(Okay, so I DID kiss this face  What a cutie!)

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