Monday, March 17, 2014

Amazing Discoveries

I love being a mom of both girls & boys.  It's fun seeing my little boys grow into their little personalities.  They crack me up.

Canyon is discovering all sorts of magical things around the house right now.  He discovered our shower & that it's wet like a swimming pool in the mornings.
He prefers exploring the shower when he's fully dressed. . . 

He's also discovered this magical white rolly thingy.  You spin it & tons of magical white paper swirls around you.  You can eat it, you can wrap up in it like a blanket, & it does magical things when you shove it into the toilet & get it wet.  Expansion. . . Clogs. . . MAGICAL.

The weather here has been gorgeous lately.  Of course we're supposed to get MORE SNOW this week, but this last week was beautiful.  We took advantage of it when many bike rides around the lake.  The boys LOVE riding their bikes & I love walking with them.

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