Monday, March 17, 2014

Kindergarten Program

The Kindergartners at the girls' school did a Spring program last week & Taya couldn't wait to show us.  She'd been practicing for weeks & even had a speaking part.  Now that Daddy was home, she was doubly excited to sing & dance for all of us.

Her picture has been hanging in the school cafeteria for over a month now.  She's been SO happy about this program.

Everyone had to wear red shirts & black pants so they all matched like a real chorus.  It was DARLING.

They got to sing, dance, play kazoos, & get the audience in on all the action.  It was the cutest concert ever.

For "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" & "Zippidy-Do-Da" all the kids got to wear white baseball caps.  Poor Taya didn't get one because she was asked to hand out all the programs to the moms & dads at the beginning of the evening & went straight to the stage as it started instead of getting all her props backstage.  She was a little nervous when she realized she was the only one without a hat & I really thought she would break down into tears, but she didn't.  She just took it in stride & sang her little heart out.  What a sweetheart.

It was such a fun program.  I love the music teacher at their school.  She is so good with them & she puts on the best programs.  I loved it.  Good job Taya.

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