Wednesday, February 11, 2015

and Another one bites the Dust...

I swear, my kids have been off & on sick for 2+ months now.  In December it was pink eye & fevers. January it was ear infections & throat problems.  I guess February is going to be flu month at the Potter house.

Once Taya got all better, Craiger had a fever for several days, but his got better on it's own.  Of course on Cadence's birthday Canyon woke up with a super high fever.  Cadence had a physical on her birthday so I figured I'd have the doctor look at Canyon while we were there just to make sure it wasn't anything I needed to be worried about.

Well, when we went to the school to pick Cadence up for the appointment, Canyon let me know he really was sick.  Poor baby puked all over the van. . . & then it didn't stop.  He was throwing up every 30 minutes on the dot!

We ended up spending 6.5 hours in the hospital on Cadence's birthday.  Canyon had pneumonia in both lungs as well as two ear infections & nausea.  They did a flu test & that came back negative, but he had something going on with his stomach because he couldn't hold anything down.

We were there SO long that Craiger wound up taking a nap in the waiting room chairs.  Sometimes I hate base hospitals.  Turns out they actually FORGOT about us & even though I went to the front desk TWICE to complain & figure out what was going on, they still forgot we were there waiting for the test results & the medications.  The doctor did feel really bad once he realized his mistake though.

They got him some antibiotics for his pneumonia & ears & we finally made it home barely in time to get the other kids off the bus.  Poor Cadence.  What a birthday.  We were still able to give her a wonderful birthday dinner & presents.  She was just happy her baby brother was going to be okay.

Now Canyon is happy as a jaybird & NOBODY in the house is sick.  Let's pray it stays that way.

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