Thursday, February 5, 2015

Trek's 36th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the bestest husband in the whole wide world!!!

Trek's birthday is the beginning of the crazy birthday month for the Potter family.  January 25th is the start of the madness & we love it.  

We celebrated with an official Potter birthday breakfast bright & early Sunday morning.  Trek's favorite breakfast of all time is biscuits & gravy, so I woke up early so I could make it hot & fresh for him.  He was thrilled.  Biscuits & gravy, bacon, & then we added a Hostess cupcake for tradition.  (Trek likes the cupcakes & the rest of us like ding dongs so this is the one time a year you will see a hostess cupcake instead of a birthday breakfast ding dong!)

36 years young.

Canyon decided he really liked the biscuits without the gravy on them. . . he especially enjoyed making a large ring out of them.

 We went to church, then came home & opened a few of Trek's presents.  Nancy sent him some fun things this year.  He got a candle, a chocolate fish, 2 shirts, & a Darth Vader watch.  SO FUN.

Mamoo sent him a cute card with $ inside to spend on whatever he wants.  I got Trek some floor mats for his new car & the kids got him some stuff for his favorite video game.

At this point in the birthday celebration, Taya started acting like she might be a little sick.  She had a small fever & she just looked sick so I started to worry.  I quickly made Trek's birthday dinner a little early just in case something happened with Taya, & boy was I glad I did. . . 

I made one of Trek's favorite dinners: Mock Chicken, caesar salad, & strawberries.  Yum.

By the end of dinner we knew something was really wrong with Taya.  She wasn't smiling, her eyes were glazed over & she wasn't talking.  I took her temperature only to find it was 104.6.  WHAT?  It went from 100.5 to 104.6 in less than 2 hours!  So, I looked at Trek & apologized for having to leave him on his special day, but our baby girl was in trouble & we needed to go to the hospital.  He smiled & said:

Yup.  Our lives are always an adventure.  We decided to make a birthday date out of it.  Cadence stayed home & watched the other kiddos while Trek & I took our little angel to the hospital.  Poor little girl.  She was SO sick.

It took several hours, TONS of tylenol & ibuprofen, a priesthood blessing, & lots of tears from me, but Taya's fever finally started to go down.  We were SO scared for a while there.  She wasn't responding to us, she was just lying there burning up on a hospital bed.  When they finally got her fever down to 102.7, they let us leave the hospital.  The poor thing had that awful flu that is killing so many people this year.  We were VERY LUCKY.  I count my blessings every day.  I almost lost my little girl, but Heavenly Father has more plans for her.  THANK HEAVENS.

We got back home super late that night.  The kids didn't have school the next day so we got them up & finished celebrating Trek's special day.  They thought it was SO cool that they got to stay up so late.  We opened up the last few gifts of the night & called my family to let them know Taya was okay & so that Trek could open his gifts from them.

Justin & Cari totally surprised Trek with a Space Monkey (some sort of techie cloud storage thing).  Trek's been wanting one FOREVER, but they're not even out on the market yet.  Justin is just THAT awesome.  He was thrilled.

And my parents surprised him with a blue tooth speaker & phone holder for his car.  He was so excited.

After many phone calls & present excitement, we went into the kitchen & finished the celebration with cake & ice cream all in one.  Hooray for Cold Stone cakes.  I had this one special made for Trek.  It had chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, Butterfingers, Reese's PB Cups, & peanut butter swirls inside.  It was SO DELICIOUS!!!!

So it was a very eventful day for Trek, but he loved every minute of it. . . the good & the bad.  We're so grateful for our blessings, for each other, & for the adventure known as life.

Happy Birthday Trek.  We love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Trek! That cake sounds delicious. Glad Taya is okay!