Thursday, December 6, 2018

Canyon's Pow Wow

For Thanksgiving at the Kindergarten, they learned not only about the pilgrims, but about the Native Americans too.  They did their Thanksgiving feast on the Native American side of things.  It was a giant Kindergarten pow wow.  (And it was ADORABLE.)

Check out this video of him singing the adorable song he learned for the pow wow.

I got to make pigs in a blanket for their pow wow.  The kids here LOVE pigs in a blanket. . . but I make them wrong apparently.  I had several kids tell me mine were wrong.  ha ha ha.  I guess I'm supposed to do biscuit dough around little smokies (That's the "southern way").  Out West we do crescent rolls around hot dogs.  They were nervous to eat them, but ended up loving them.  I even had one little girl come up afterward & tell me those were the best pigs in a blanket she's ever had because they filled her up fast.  Cutie pies.

Canyon loved all the pow wow activities we did.  We made necklaces, friendship story bracelets, painted faces, made Indian head-dresses, & painted pictures.  And of course, we ended with a big feast with all 25 Kindergarten classes.  (You read that right . . . TWENTY FIVE classes.)

It was a such a fun day & I loved being able to help out (I did face painting), & I loved spending time with my sweet little Canyon.

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