Thursday, December 6, 2018

November Fun

We had a lot of fun with friends in November.

For my friend's birthday we did an escape room & escaped in 53 minutes (7 minutes to spare).  It was a blast & we laughed SO hard at how TIRED we all were.  Nobody wanted to do math (because as parents, all we do every afternoon is help kids with math) & we had the hardest time putting our clues together.  I swear the poor guy that was watching us on the camera was laughing his head off at how bad we were.  But we DID escape & we had a blast together.

Cadence had another stake dance up in Birmingham at his old church building again.  We dropped Cadence off & found Trek's name still on the boy scout plaque in the hallway of the church.

And we ran into one of Trek's very best friends from high school there.  He's the stake young men's president (he was in charge of the dance) & they haven't seen each other in over 20 years.  We talked with him for a good hour catching up on life.  We are SO blessed to live in the same area Trek spent his high school years.  It's been really fun.

We met all sorts of people Trek knew at that dance.  It was crazy fun.

I had a new cultural experience here as well.  I got invited to play Loteria with my zumba friends.  Loteria is a Spanish bingo game played with bingo cards, dimes, & nickels.  It's A BLAST.  Seriously, I can't wait for the next one.  We had so much fun & it was nice getting to know my workout buddies in another setting.

And then of course we had a fun month of goofing off with the kids.  Cadence is finally done with Marching Band.  Wahoo.  Nah.  We loved marching band, but it was busy busy busy busy busy.  It's nice for her to have a small break right now.  She's playing oboe in wind symphony now which is only on Mondays after school which is nice.  She finally has her weekends back.

She's such a fun spirited teenager right now.  She's a goofball & has gone from being super shy to super outgoing.  Nothing embarrasses her.  She's a total dork & I love her for it.  I love my kids so much.

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