Monday, September 28, 2009

Time for Presents!

Taya had SO much fun opening her presents.

Auntie Char got her an adorable purple dress with little leggings to go underneath.

Grandma Kinsfather got her a cute blue dress & a little blue sweat outfit.

Cari & Justin got her an adorable pair of cherry sandals. Funny story about these. . . Taya unwrapped these almost a whole month before her birthday. She found the box & unwrapped it & once she found shoes inside, she was SO excited. I had to take them away & re-wrap the gift. I hid it in a drawer. A few days later Taya was wearing the shoes. She had found it, unwrapped it again & put them on. Again I wrapped it & hid it in my closet this time. A week later, she was wearing the shoes again. I had to wrap these things 5 times. She was THRILLED to get to open them for real & get to put them on without mommy getting upset. She loves them.

Nancy sent her a Wall-e placemat, bowl, & plate & an adorable stuffed Wall-e toy which she LOVED! Trek & I bought her the Eve stuffed toy to go along with the Wall-e.

Mimi & Baba got her a Cabbage Patch Newborn baby (which she has been wanting for a while). She LOVES that baby. She takes it with her wherever she goes. She loves to feed her her bottle. It's so sweet. She even rocks when she holds it just like I rock with Bladen.

Mamoo got her a diaper bag full of diapers, wipes, bibs, bottles, & a bowl with spoon for her new baby. She likes how the milk & juice in the bottle disappears.

And Opa & Oma bought her a highchair for her new baby. She likes to stuff her baby & her bunny inside & feed them pretend food. It's adorable.


  1. She is so adorable and so pretty, she is a beautiful child, her hair is so pretty. You can see the micheaf in her eyes, (can't spell) I can not wait to see all of you, Dani I mailed your and Treks gift today the 28th, dont open it, just wrap it in Christmas paper for me. thanks Mamoo

  2. Hi!
    Just came across your blog as I am looking for Eve from Wall-e for my daughter too and I just love the one for your little girl.

    Could I ask where did you find it? :)
    Thanks! x

    1. Eve & Wall-E are hard to find these days. When I did her party the movie had just come out so they had Wall-E everything at every store. Those two stuffed toys came from the Disney Store, but they don't carry them anymore. You might want to try eBay & see if anyone happens to have some Eve things. The only plush Eve I can find is a little bean bag guy on amazon