Monday, September 28, 2009

What's in your mouth child?

So, during pin the tail on the donkey, Taya continued to stuff her face with her treasures from the pinata. Trek & I didn't realize that she was alternating between us for treats. She'd get daddy to open a pack of candy for her, then she'd come to me to open one, & then back to dad, & so forth. As we were getting ready for presents, I looked at her face & her cheeks were bulging & she had a colorful drool spilling from her lips. "GROSS!" I grabbed a tissue & put it in front of her mouth & she spit out an entire handful of candy. I pulled it away just in time to realize that she had only emptied one cheek. She then spit out the contents of the other cheek all over her clothes & all over the coffee table. It's amazing what kids can fit in their teeny tiny mouths.

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