Friday, May 6, 2011

Bladen's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Bladen!
Bladen was SO excited because he had both sets of grandparents were able to be there for his party. Mimi & Baba came for the entire weekend & then Opa, Oma, & Grandma Kinsfather came on Saturday & half of Sunday.

To celebrate your SPECIAL day, I made you a CARS birthday cake! You kept putting your fingers in it & even pushed down the cars on top into the cake. I just rolled my eyes & laughed. You are definitely a BOY!

It was SO MUCH FUN having Opa & Baba here for your special party!

You love to take Baba's pen out of his pocket. It's your little "game" with him. You are SO cute!

And what is a party without a pinata right? We got you a fun CARS pull-string pinata for your special day. You were hilarious because you would take 4 or 5 turns & then you'd let your sisters & brother each take one turn. . . then you'd take 3 or 4 more turns again. We were all laughing at you.

Once the candy went flying. . . you went straight for the SUCKERS!!! You are such a sucker kid! You're my first kid that will pick a sucker over CHOCOLATE!

Once you got a sucker in hand, you waited patiently for daddy to unwrap it for you.


You LOVED your cake! Oma kept picking you up so you could see it.

Opa & Baba had fun with little Craiger!

Soon it was PRESENT TIME!

You got a TON of CARS. You were in HEAVEN!

In fact. . . you gave up on opening more presents at one point. You just wanted to OPEN the package & start PLAYING!!! So Daddy opened the rest for you.

You absolutely LOVED everything you got. Thank you everyone who sent something FUN for Bladen's birthday. He loved it ALL!

Even Cadence, Lorien, & Taya had fun playing with your new toys. I have to admit, Dad & I did too. It's SO MUCH FUN having boy toys around the house now. I LOVE CARS!

We all went out to dinner & then met back up at the house for some yummy

After singing & blowing out the candle, you dove right in.

What a fun day!! Happy Birthday to my little MAN!
I love you!

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