Friday, May 20, 2011

Family Pictures Spring 2011

Nancy sent us some adorable Easter clothes this year so we knew we HAD to get FAMILY PICTURES
taken in them. Our friend who lives up the street offered to take some of us on Easter morning.

Looking at the picture of Trek & I, I see our age. I see the tired eyes & slumping shoulders. Yes, we're getting older. . . yes, we're exhausted parents of 5 lively children, but no, I wouldn't change a minute of it for anything in the world. This is picture of two
VERY PROUD PARENTS. This is a picture of two people in LOVE who are ready to grow old TOGETHER FOREVER.

The GIRLS were perfect. They LOVE pictures & sure know how to pose for them. What adorable little ANGELS I have.

The BOYS were a different story. Bladen HATES pictures with a passion. He wasn't about to smile or pose for ANY picture. In fact. . .this picture was 2 pictures taken & photoshopped together because Bladen REFUSED to get anywhere near Craiger for a photo. He also refused to smile. C'est la vie! That's how life goes & I LOVE both my BOYS more than ANYTHING.

Taking a picture of FIVE KIDS should be an OLYMPIC SPORT. I couldn't believe how hard it was to make all 5 smile at the same time. Bladen was crying for most of it & Taya was making faces at Trek & I on the sidelines. We were cracking up!

I love this picture because it shows all their personalities. Cadence (who always wants to be perfect at everything & who is "Ms. Mommy" to her baby brother) smiled like a professional. Lorien (who is my tom boy) just glows with her "Hey I'm Happy Today" grin. Taya (always the comedian) rolls her eyes in delight trying to make everyone laugh. Bladen (with two cars in his hands) stares straight into the camera wondering when all this is FINALLY going to be over. And little Craiger just sitting patiently with all the craziness going on around him. I really do have

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