Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Father Son Campout

Trek is SO HAPPY to have sons to take camping. Every year the stake here holds a priesthood commemoration father-son campout up in Watsonville. Trek was SO EXCITED to take Bladen camping.

As soon as they got up to the campsite, Bladen found a
(of course)
and proceeded to get a handful & put it in his mouth thinking it was chocolate. Trek said he was spitting for about 30 minutes after he realized it wasn't sweet! Silly kid! Even though he was done "eating" it, he continued to pick it up & smear it all over his coat like Bladen ALWAYS manages to do.

Bladen liked watching daddy put up the TENT.

After dinner, they made smores by the campfire. Bladen loved them of course.

Then when it was time for bed, Bladen refused to go to sleep. . . instead he got a hold of Trek's flashlight & had fun for an hour! ha ha ha.

Boys will be boys!

They woke up bright & early Saturday morning & packed up camp. The Stake YM had a big breakfast all made for everyone. Bladen loved the PANCAKES!

Before they left, Bladen found a group of trees that he apparently thought were
Trek said he was wandering around RAWR-ing at them all morning long.

And then there was snack time right before everyone left. Mommy packed a special bag of animal crackers just for him to munch on. (What a good mommy!)

Then it was time to come home. Bladen liked being a COOL DUDE with daddy. They had a GREAT time!

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