Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sleepover Party

For Fall Break I promised each of the girl a sleepover with their friends. They were extra helpful with chores the week before, so we set up the plans. Each girl invited one friend to spend the night.

I made a fun Halloween themed dinner (witch fingers, caterpillars, & candy corn pudding cups) for them & then we got situated for some girl fun.

We watched their favorite Barbie Movie & had lots & lots of yummy popcorn!

Then we all did some Halloween crafts & painted our fingernails & toenails orange & black for Halloween. The girls LOVED every minute of it.

Everyone wanted to sleep in the same room so the toy room became the sleepover party room. The kids had a BLAST giggling & talking long past bedtime.

Then for breakfast the next morning I made pumpkin pancakes (with faces), scrambled eggs, & pumpkin toast. They were very excited about all the Halloween themed fun.

It was just a small, quick, party, but the girls were happy & excited they earned something as fun as a sleepover. We'll definitely have to do it more often.

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