Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cadence's Glasswing Butterflly

My mom always told me
"I hope you have a daughter just like YOU someday." Well, I got one. There are definitely pros & cons to having a daughter "just like me," but for the most part I'd like to think I was a pretty good kid based on Cadence's nature. Sure we have our ups & downs, but she is such a sweet girl. . . & SMART as a whip.

Cadence just completed her very first REPORT in 3rd grade. Yes, moan & groan away. Actually, I really enjoyed teaching her about how to research & how to organize your thoughts & information into sections / paragraphs for your report. It made me feel like I was in school again. . . It made me realize how much I enjoyed school as both a child & as an adult.

She wrote her 3 page report on a rainforest animal. She chose the glasswing butterfly in Costa Rica. It took almost 2 weeks to complete the report & I was happy when she was DONE with it. But of course, she's got ME in her & she wanted to do a PROJECT to go with the report. (this is where you enter the "I hope you have a daughter just like YOU" concept) The teacher didn't ask for a project. It was not needed, not necessary, not even brought up in class. No, Cadence just wanted to do a project. Yup, she's my child. So this is what we came up with. We found a fun little butterfly 3-D puzzle kit at Oma's house & put it together & painted it. I helped very LITTLE. Cadence did a great job doing this mostly on her own. I was very proud of her.

She spent an entire Saturday painting all the delicate wooden pieces to her butterfly & then she carefully glued all those pieces together.

It turned out beautiful! I was REALLY proud of her!
Great job Cadence!

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