Monday, March 4, 2013

Craiger's 2nd Birthday

We don't do big "friend" birthday parties at our house until their 3rd birthday so we had a cute little family party here at home Thursday night for Craiger's birthday.  Craiger LOVES trains right now so I decided to do a Thomas the Train theme.  Normally I'd make a big Thomas cake, but my 6th pregnancy hasn't been so "fabulous" this time around & I'm kind of on partial bed rest right now due to some complications.  THEREFORE, Craiger got cupcakes instead of a big decorated cake.  I was devastated & cried about it.  I LOVE making my kids' cakes & I was SO disappointed I couldn't do one for Craiger, but you know what?  He didn't care.  My kids' didn't say a word.  They LOVED the cupcakes & it taught me a very important lesson. . . . sometimes less is more.  I'm glad I have children who can teach me the most important things in life.

After school, Cadence came off the bus REALLY excited about something.  I guess she took her money to school & bought Craiger a little cow toy at the school store for his birthday.  He was SO happy.  Just look at that sweet face.

For Craiger's birthday dinner I made his favorite:
Pizza, Steak Fries, & Bananas.


The kids made Craiger feel extra special at his dinner by each
taking turns telling him why they love him SO MUCH.

When Daddy got off of work, Craiger got to open his presents from family.  He was more excited about ripping paper & looking at birthday cards than he was about the actual presents.  SO FUNNY.

Grandma K. gave him $10.00

My friend Nancy surprised Craiger with 4 new pairs of shoes & a few outfits.  We especially loved the dragon outfit with matching shoes.  SO CUTE.

Lorien once again saved up her money to buy
her baby brother a present.

She bought him his VERY FIRST TRAIN.

Auntie Char & Uncle Jay got him a T-Rex/Car Transformer.

Auntie Cari & Uncle Justin got him a Stegosaurus/Car Transformer.

Bladen got him a starter train track to start a collection.

And the girls got him a train "set" to go with the starter track.

Trek & I got him a BIG train set with racing trains.  Just look
at that face.  He was SO EXCITED.

Mamoo got him this fun hammering toy.  He loves this thing.

Mimi & Baba got him a set of soft balls to play with.

After presents we ate cupcakes.  Craiger was in HEAVEN.  He loved them.

Happy Birthday Monster.  Mommy Loves You.

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